Planning a trip with oxygen

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Medical oxygen is an essential element in the treatment of various respiratory conditions. If you are someone who requires oxygen therapy, you may be wondering if it is possible to travel with your medical oxygen equipment. The good news is that with some planning and preparation, it is possible to travel with medical oxygen and still enjoy your trip.

First, it is important to consult with your doctor before planning your trip. Your doctor can advise you on the best ways to manage your oxygen therapy while traveling and can also provide you with a letter that explains your medical condition and the need for oxygen therapy.

Next, you will need to contact your airline and inform them that you will be traveling with medical oxygen. Airlines have specific policies and procedures in place for passengers who require oxygen therapy, and it is important to follow these guidelines to ensure a safe and comfortable journey.

When packing for your trip, be sure to include all necessary oxygen equipment, such as a portable oxygen concentrator (POC), extra batteries, and any accessories. It is also a good idea to pack a backup oxygen tank in case of an emergency.

During the flight, it is important to use your oxygen equipment as directed by your doctor and to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. You should also be aware of any changes in altitude, as this can affect your oxygen therapy.

Finally, when you arrive at your destination, it is important to have a plan in place for obtaining additional oxygen if needed. Your doctor can provide you with a list of local medical supply companies that can provide oxygen equipment and supplies.

In conclusion, traveling with medical oxygen is possible with the right planning and preparation. By consulting with your doctor, following airline guidelines, packing the necessary equipment, and staying vigilant during your trip, you can enjoy your travels while still managing your medical condition.

Why a contact is so important when on holiday

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OxygenWorldwide arranges medical oxygen for those who require additional oxygen support due to respiratory conditions such as after covid, asthma, COPD just to name a few of the most common.

The team have great expertise and also speak up to 5 languages so are the direct link to enable the correct oxygen to be at the client’s destination at the right time, plus its so important to have a contact locally too.

Accepting the delivery of the equipment and medical oxygen needed is so vital, so it is very critical that their is a contact of where you are staying for example at your hotel, villa or air bnb, if not then delivery will have to be once you have arrived at your destination and then also collected before you leave. This makes things a little awkward especially if you have travel delays and want to settle into your holiday time rather than wait around for a delivery.

To make an enquiry with the team you can enquire with us directly or via the phone. We will need details of your trip and also your prescription of oxygen levels required, contact us here.

Celebrating 30 years of OxygenWorldwide

Celebrating over 30 years of medical oxygen arrangements

OxygenWorldwide is now 30 years old and we are celebrating to say a huge thank you to all our customers, colleagues and network of people and organisations we have worked with over the years.

Now more than ever it is important to maintain our team of multilingual staff, 24/7 care and keep people who respiratory illnesses moving, seeing the world and able to make the most of life.

Please do get in touch with us here or simply leave a comment below.

Thank you!

Planning your next trip?

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If you are planning a trip and are oxygen dependent, keep these tips in mind when traveling with oxygen:

  • Every airline is different. When making an airline reservation, ask about specific regulations and restrictions that may apply when carrying oxygen on-board your flight.
  • Always schedule a pre-trip medical exam before traveling. Discuss traveling with oxygen with your doctor.
  • Don’t forget to obtain a letter of medical necessity from your doctor during your pre-trip medical exam. This must be carried with you and presented to the airline before you board your plane. Remember, the letter should include your oxygen flow-rate. You may want to make an extra copy and tuck it away in your luggage, in the event you lose your in-hand copy before your return home.
  • Remember that altitude may increase your oxygen requirement. Your prescription for oxygen should reflect this.
  • Don’t forget to carry your medications in your on-board luggage and to carry an adequate supply of COPD rescue inhalers when you travel. It is wise to keep any medications in their original containers, and to bring a note of medical necessity from your doctor.

If you are planning a trip for treatment, business or pleasure, speak to our team or view more useful information and client testimonials

What is portable oxygen

If you need medical oxygen to aid your oxygen intake to your lungs portable oxygen concentrators are provided to use at home and give flexibility to your life and to be able to move around.

The devices brings the air into the device and divides the nitrogen and oxygen to keep it stored ready to be used.

Oxygen tanks are already pre-filled with oxygen and have to be re-filled whereas concentrators can make oxygen. Tanks also run the risk of leakage, which can cause explosions/fires and are heavier and more difficult to move around with.

For more advice on organising your medical oxygen send a quick contact here

3 tips for flying with oxygen

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  1. Speak with your airline provider prior to travel – Prior to travel abroad via aeroplane it is important to make sure oxygen is allowed or available on the flight. All airlines have different regulations and policies so this first step is vital.
  2. Make sure you have all the details of your prescribed oxygen needs – You will need to make sure you have the correct amount and levels as per your medical certificate. Also be aware on how to use any portable concentrator and not to run out of battery life.
  3. Allow plenty of time at the airport – Due to the extra checks and requirements it may take longer to check in at the airport with all the relevant paperwork to be checked. But also be aware you will be able to board the plane first to get settled and make sure your equipment is set up.

For all your medical oxygen needs please do contact our teams here

5 foods that help lung function

  1. Apples – this fruit has been said that it will help to reduce the condition of developing COPD or asthma due to its antioxidants and vitamin C. An apple a day…
  2. Green Tea – full of antioxidants but also anti-inflammatory properties too. Great for people who have Pulmonary fibrosis
  3. Yoghurt- calcium could help improve lung function as well as featuring potassium too
  4. Tomatoes – this food product can help to decrease inflammation in our airways so those who suffer with asthma may see better breathing function
  5. Oysters – the zinc and B vitamins in oysters are associated with great lung function and for smokers who lack B and B12 vitamins

Top 5 destinations for eco-friendly travel in 2023

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  • Europe; Italy, France and Spain with all the nature, parks and mountains to explore
  • Kenya – considered one of the top destinations for eco tourism with immense natural sites to have adventures
  • Indonesia – the rainforests will amaze you and a must
  • Tanzania – it has to be Mount Kilimanjaro as the top attraction
  • Thailand – 14% is protected and many islands to hop over to too

If you are looking for eco friendly holidays take a look into the above and research what area of the world you want to plan your next trip. For all medical oxygen needs make sure you also plan in advance what is required and enjoy your adventure.

More environmental ways to travel in 2023

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As the topic of climate change grows we are all more aware of how we can do our part. Travel is still a very important part of our lives and there are ways in which you can still travel but have less impact of the environment. Traveling via bus or train is a more efficient plus environmentally friendly than driving a vehicle or flying on a plane or private jet. Both buses and trains not only use a significant amount of less fuel but also do release much lower amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere we need to protect.

Europe is especially more set up with its transport infrastructure for this. The network of great trains and buses able to cross borders makes this such easier. People are wanted to contribute to being planet-friendly as much as they can and sustainable travel is growing.

Thankfully it’s becoming easier to find green accommodation — keep an eye out these on specialist accommodation booking websites. Once you have selected your travel and destination @oxygenworldwide can arrange medical oxygen at your hotel or appartment.