Life after covid…

Fatigue, shortness of breath, pressure in the chest, headaches and muscle pain have been surveyed as the most common symptoms after coronavirus.

“More than 9 in 10 people even indicate that they have problems with simple daily activities”.(Longfonds and CIRO knowledge center)

It seems that there is a large amount of people that may be going unheard or untreated especially if not officially diagnosed with Covid-19. People still need care and advice after coronavirus. Many who may not have been ill previously will be scared, have questions and be in a very scary or anxious unknowing if not helped.

According to the study by Longfords the average age was 53 with many healthy prior to the virus. Many complained about not be able to walk properly and certainly being unable to exercise.

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The Stanley Johnson loophole and what this means for you…

homes in spain

You may have heard this in the UK press recently and wondering what this means? This loophole has been discovered for UK residents who own second homes. Many UK residents have holiday homes or second homes across Europe such as Spain, France and Italy. Lots of UK residents who have enjoyed their time split between being close to loved ones in the UK and also enjoying an extended holiday or summer months in warmer climates over the years.

The last 12 months has meant many have not been able to enjoy this as flights or travel was not permitted. Now the UK prepares to ease lockdown with its roadmap planned out there is a loophole for all those second home owners, but what is it?

All UK residents can travel to their second home if the reason is to prepare it for sale or rental reasons. This will come into force this week on step 1 of the latest roadmap allowing certain reasons to travel.

You may be wondering why it is called the ‘Stanley Johnson Loophole’ and it is connected to Boris Johnson’s father who travelled to his Greek villa to make it ‘COVID-proof’ which breached the guidelines at the time in summer 2020.

Below is what has been published that is an appropriate reason to travel to your second home:

– Visiting an estate agent
– Visiting a show home
– Viewing a property or several
– Preparing to move into a property
– If you need to travel for study
– If you are participating in an elite sport event

Currently travel from the UK carries a fine if rules are broken and although summer holidays for many now seems to not include getting on a plane to another country; will this loophole if still allowed mean for some they will be able to hop on a plane and get to their second home to prepare, buy or sell a property?

Living with someone with a lung condition

  1. Look after ‘you’ – Make sure that you have time out for yourself to give yourself space. Looking after your loved ones can be tiring and also very emotional. Space out with a friend or time on your own to relax will do wonders for your mental well-being.
  2. Join them to go out or to hospital – Just being with someone especially at the doctors if comforting for them as sometimes anxiety and being alone is very upsetting for many.
  3. Learn about the illness – Understanding side effects of medication, how an illness develops or works helps people to understand any symptoms, feelings or what level of care.

Top things to do at home this Spring

You may be thinking spring can’t come quick enough and there are already a few early signs – longer daylight hours, warmer temperatures and flowers beginning to bloom.

Even though most of Europe is still in some form of lockdown, restriction or curfew it is still safe to stay at home. But with this comes a great opportunity to step into spring!

  • Green fingers at the ready – If you are lucky enough to have a garden or even a nice outdoor courtyard, terrace or balcony now is the time to fill it with colour. From potted plants to small trees and shrubs; spring is perfect to show off some beautiful plants that will brighten up any outdoor space. This will also create a lovely seating area for you to read your next novel, listen to some music or relax with loved ones.
Decorative pots give a burst of colour too!
  • More outdoor exercising – Now that the days are getting longer and we are beginning to warm up; it is much easier and we feel more energised and positive to get outside to enjoy the fresh air. You can now regularly do your daily exercise (also with the dog or bike) and soak up some vitamin D and enjoy the views. During the warmer months take a different route or venture out at a different time of day. You can see sights you normally would miss or even discover more about where you live. Its also a great opportunity for any keen photographers to capture great views, sunsets or seasonal landscapes.
Daily exercise can really help stimulate positivity
  • Spring clean – We all feel so much better in a clean and tidy household. Simply de-clutter, re-arrange items or give areas of your home a re-fresh. Having a nice clean really does clear out the mind, make your home an enjoyable place to relax and invite others when we can. Remember your local area, woodland, park or beach are always looking for volunteers to help with rubbish and litter. It is a great way to help tidy up where you live, promote cleanliness and decrease pollution.
Helping keep your local area tidy too

Look forward to Spring and travel to be on the horizon soon!

3 reasons why self-love is so important…

Self-love is very important and many of us can forget that ‘me’ should be number 1 in life. This is why:

  1. You will be much more confident and feel in control. This is the priority as you need to be the one in control and not being controlled by others around you or feelings. You will also feel so good about yourself and happy.
  2. You will feel more independent to do what you have always wanted to and this may mean doing something outrageous or crazy or it may simply mean you start doing those hobbies, dreams and plans you have always thought were not possible for you.
  3. Gives you an inner-strength to make a difference, make the right decisions. You deserve the best and cannot settle for anything lower than what you should.

“You were born an original work of art. Stay original always. Originals cost more than imitations.”― Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

Elon Musk and doubtful tests

Reference: @elonmusk

It has been reported that the Tesla CEO, Elon Musk published a tweet in regards to having a mixture of positive and negative tests on the same day back on 13th November.

Elon Musk reported it was the same machine, same test, same nurse. From all of this what does this make you think? Some people will jump to conclude tests do not work properly or they are not 100% accurate, others will jump to the fact it was that particular manufacturer. But for one thing we can conclude is that a test doesn’t make you recover whatever the result.

If you are ill, it may be flu or a mild winter illness but to keep yourself and others safe you know and feel in yourself if you are unwell. The smart people are those who stay home especially if they have any feeling or doubt they are ill or someone they have seen has started to feel unwell.

Breathing at home with Covid-19

breathing better

Coronavirus is becoming less of an ‘unknown’ virus and more of we at least know someone who has it or has recovered from it. If you are able to see loved ones this Christmas and New Year please be careful and if you require medical oxygen for breathing you can still do this in the comfort of your own home.

A huge part of recovery is being surrounded by the things you love, the people you recognise to look after you and just being calm in your familiar surroundings. If you find yourself or someone close to you in need of medical oxygen after covid-19 then our team can help.

OxygenWorldwide has been arranging and delivering medical oxygen for over 20 years around the world. Portable oxygen concentrators can be used safely in and around your home so give you the freedom to move around your home or at least be comfortable.

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Whilst at home check in on your well-being


Support is always around you and especially as we continue to shield indoors at home make sure you do the following to maintain your well-being and positive mental state:

– Talk – video call, text message or call your friends and loved ones and keep in regular communication. You will feel in touch with people and what is going on

– Look after yourself – make sure you are getting exercise, go for a walk if you can if not make sure you follow some at home exercises in your living room or from your chair

– Plan your supplies such as shopping and to avoid others right now and if you are high risk order online. If you need help ask a family member to set up your account and order for you each week

Unlock your travel desires this winter

unlock your travel desires

We can truly say that we have all had a very challenging year especially for travel and most have put off or delayed travel plans over the summer.

As we approach winter there is a still a chance to stop dreaming and actually get in a break before Christmas and the new year. A lot of short breaks still give the sense or relaxation and escaping the normal routine of day to day life. Many people are either stuck to their mobile devices, working from home or simply stuck in a routine within the same four walls. For many a break away however long will give a sense of escapism before the year is over plus before more weeks of uncertainty around COVID and a global pandemic.

There are many countries that will be open for travel this winter and also have great safety measures. Many hotels and hospitality premises have very good socially distanced and clean commitments in place to give everyone the confidence when visiting and these can all be researched online prior to booking. When booking your winter break you can also have confidence that many hotel companies are offering very flexible policies so that you do not loose your money if you plans have to change.

Research and plan your travel plans wisely and look forward to travel before another lockdown so you have something to look forward before the year is over.

When travelling with oxygen you can speak to our team and contact us with all your arrangements and be confident that your requirements will be fulfilled and you can sit back and relax awaiting an adventure before the year is over and have something positive to remember.

Top destinations for amazing Autumn Getaways

Autumn brings colour, seasons and change from the beach-filled tourism feel. After this summer seemed to come and go so fast and many of us not opting to go away, now is the perfect time to getaway before the end of the year. There is so much to explore, see and do even when travelling with medical oxygen.

Here is our top 10 European City Breaks:

  1. Prague
  2. Budapest
  3. Barcelona
  4. Vienna
  5. Malta
  6. Portugal
  7. Paris
  8. Berlin
  9. Copenhagen
  10. Dublin