Worried about your oxygen being safely at your destination?

There are so many options to travel with sea, air, plane, train or even a mixture and you have the decision on which mode of transport is best suited to your needs, budgets and time at your chosen holiday destination. But you can always be confident that your medical oxygen will arrive safely even if your journey may have been late, stressful. Do not worry at all here at OxygenWorldwide the team work hard to make sure you have everything oxygen related where and when it should be.

No matter how you get to your chosen destination you can be safe in the fact that your medical oxygen is in place before you arrive.

What steps should you take once your holiday has been booked?

  1. Contact the team via the enquiry form
  2. The team will get back to you regarding your no obligation quote
  3. Once all details are confirmed your oxygen is booked
  4. You can relax and enjoy getting excited about your travel plans
  5. Take a read of our FREE e-book downloadable on our website

Back to doing what we do best – Helping you to breathe

The team are so pleased that we can now get back to a ‘new normal’ as Europe is opening up its borders once again. We thank all our customers who have sent us kind words and we cannot wait to arrange all your travel oxygen requirements again.

For those planning to getaway, visit friends and family or simply in need of a holiday after Covid-19 and lockdown please do contact us with your oxygen request and our team can help answers all your questions when travelling abroad with medical oxygen.

Do not forget our FREE e-book is still available to download (second edition!)

The 5 European destinations you can travel to now…


With lock-down easing it is hard to not want to get out and travel. The summer is just beginning and the climates are now warmer. For those looking and thinking about travel outside their country here are the 5 European countries which may be more likely to allow travel from abroad this summer:

  1. Italy – Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced its borders to countries within the European Union from June 3 and will keep a close eye on its rate and if it increases again. 
  2. Greece – This country has had a very low coronavirus rate due to immediate lock-down so international flights will resume from July 1. 
  3. Iceland – From June 15th restrictions will be eased and tests may be required instead of the 14 day quarantine rule.
  4. Portugal – Again another country that wants to let tourists in and the 14 day quaratine restriction will not apply here.
  5. Sweden – This country has not even been in a full lock-down mode compared to other countries and will accept European Union visitors plus UK, Norway and Switzerland

Please do take a look at our Oxygen A-Z Guide here plus all your travel needs if you are planning a trip in Europe with medical oxygen.

Please do check official websites before making travel plans as we know this situation changes daily and therefore governments may bring in different rules as above.

Remember to exercise even if still self-isolating at home

The British Lung Foundation have put together this video to demonstrate exercises that help keep your muscles strong. A lot of us have been at home and sitting down more than we are used to. These exercises remind us that we still need to maintain our strength during this challenging time. If you still cannot go out or only for a short period of time and you are getting short of breathe, here are some exercises that help give breathing techniques and also at different levels.

Watch the video and keep your muscles strong.

For more information and our FREE downloadable guide please go to our website and read our quarantine guide for free.

10 foods that are oxygen rich

You may not realise that there are foods that help with lung function or can help to increase oxygen blood levels. There are many foods but here we are listing our ten favourites:

  1. Spinach
  2. Brocolli
  3. Strawberries
  4. Grapes
  5. Artichokes
  6. Almonds
  7. Avocado
  8. Celery
  9. Fish
  10. Apricots

Now that we are all cooking and baking at home and have more time to really think about our meals plus our health why not try and make some delicious meals using any of the above ingredients so enhance your daily meal intake with oxygen rich foods.

For those who have COPD, asthma and other respiratory conditions and use medical oxygen to breathe this is a great way to make sure you are eating the correct foods that you can benefit from. Plus it is fun to create a nutritious dish and try something new!

Check out our free e-book over on our website for more tips on what to do whilst in quarantine.

Are you gasping for air?

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

You could have Pulmonary Fibrosis. This is a condition that when you experience shortness of breathe it is due to the tissue in the lungs becoming thick and scarred over time.

Top facts on PF:

  1. Occurs mostly in the 50 to 70 age group
  2. Could be caused by environmental e.g pollution, viral infections or chemotherapy, or radiation plus if it is in your family history.
  3. Symptoms such as a bad cough, shortness of breath, aches and pains and tiredness.

If you are diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis one remedy is using medical oxygen to help with your breathing. Find out here what OxygenWorldwide have to offer and why you should choose us when looking for medical oxygen.

The science of cluster headaches and how oxygen helps…

A rare type of headache that affects about 1 to 2 people in every 1,000

Migraine Trust
cluster headaches
  • Cluster headache is the only indication for oxygen therapy in the absence of hypoxia
  • During attacks patients are often restless, agitated, or both
  • Attacks typically last for 15 to 180 minutes untreated and have a frequency of 1 every other day for up to 8 attacks a day
  • Using inhaled high-flow oxygen is more likely to result in being pain-free after 15 minutes
  • Oxygen therapy can be administered at different flow rates
  • High flow oxygen is very effective in some patients in relieving symptoms of an acute cluster headache quickly and safely
  • Cluster headache bouts alternate with remission periods, when patients are pain free
  • In the majority of these patients, the headaches occur in clusters (bouts) with daily attacks for several weeks
  • Oxygen is one of the safest ways to treat cluster headache

5 tips for beating the January blues

Blow away those January Blues

Just because you may have a medical condition such as asthma, COPD, Bronchitis doesn’t meant you are more sceptical to the January Blues than others. Its that dark time of year when you can turn the blues into a positive whoever you are:

  1. Exercise helps the body and the mind and if you do this regularly it will increase your health and your energy as well as your well-being
  2. Try something new whether this is starting a new hobby, booking that dream holiday or visiting friends that you haven’t seen in a while.
  3. Eating a well-balanced diet can also help. regular meals throughout the day and also a balanced menu will help you feel better, help digestion and give you the correct nutrients and vitamins your body needs for fuel.
  4. Read more – reading helps to relax, de-stress and also gives you some calmful ‘you time’ to get lost in a good novel and re-focus your thoughts.
  5. Get outside – fresh air, daylight and walking will help you mentally and physically and help to blow away those cobwebs.

Asthma Attack back at you!

Here are the top reasons why medical oxygen helps to fight back if you have asthma. For those who suffer from asthma or similar breathing conditions using medical oxygen can help your symptoms and the lack of oxygen you experience throughout your daily life.

  1. The biggest reason is that using medical oxygen means this gives you more oxygen into your lungs. This is the one thing you do need and the most important. Say yes to more oxygen in your lungs!
  2. It means you can not be isolated and can travel, go outside and even explore the world. Medical oxygen can be supplied so that you can carry this portable device with you! Great news book your next adventure as your oxygen can be supplied to you at your destination – see here!
  3. Lastly it helps regain your well-being and health. Be able to breathe again and maintain a good daily life means you will not only be able to do more but this will help you mentally with feeling happier, healthier and remove all those negative effects when feeling down or that there is no way out.

Why is travelling with oxygen such a challenge and here’s how to do it…

Going on holiday mostly does require air travel and when you and many others need medical oxygen this needs to be made as accessible as ever, as we all live longer and also enjoy travel to much more this service is a necessity that should be provided. At first it can seem difficult, daunting and also where do you start?!

Providers such as OxygenWorldwide can help you! Do not worry the best thing is to make sure you have left enough:

  • Planning time
  • Planning time and
  • Planning time

As long as you contact our team with your destination, oxygen requirements and dates of travel we can help source, book and organise all your medical oxygen needs! 

Its relieves the stress from your end but we have built up over 20 years experience and relationships across over 40 countries worldwide.

Contact us for your next holiday!