Staycation or Vacation?

Many of us are longing to have a change of scenery, visit friends or go away to relax. Whether it is a staycation or a vacation when travelling with medical oxygen do not let this stop you!

seaside holiday

Seaside staycation or seaside vacation?

Staycations or holistay are trips made within driving distance of where you live. These are great ways to explore your own country and discover destinations without the need to book flights or ferries as part of your trip.

Some people will chose to get away completely and vacate to another country via sea or air travel. Staycations give people the opportunity to discover destinations where they live which sometimes we forget how special they are.

Whether you choose to opt for a staycation or vacation OxygenWorldwide are here to arrange all your oxygen therapy requirements.

It’s almost time!

Have you spent the last few weeks dreaming of travel?!

I think we all have and now it seems you can put your plans into action.

Many hotels and accommodation providers are now offering flexible booking policies just in case plans change or dates move due to COVID regulations and guidance across the world.

Depending on which country you are visiting you have a great choice especially in Europe when lockdown is easing. Please see previous article The 5 European destinations you can travel to now for some travel ideas.

If you are booking your long awaited holiday, short vacation or even your staycation then please do ask our team to help with your medical oxygen requirements today.

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