Taking the breath of life

People with a lung condition can get short of breath but The British Lung Foundation have set out the following tips for breathing exercises to help the shortness of breath and breathe more easily each day.

  • relaxed slow deep breathing: breathe in gently through your nose and breathe out through your nose and mouth. Try to feel relaxed and calm each time you breathe out.
  • pursed-lips breathing: breathe in gently through your nose and breathe out with your lips pursed as if you are whistling.
  • blow as you go: use this when you’re doing something that makes you breathless, such as standing up. Breathe in before you make the effort. Then breathe out while making the effort. Try using pursed lips as you breathe out.
  • paced breathing: this is useful when you’re active, such as climbing stairs. You pace your steps to your breathing. For example, breathe in when on the stair, and breathe out as you go up a stair.

Try to practise them every day. They can also help if you get out of breath suddenly. Being in control of your breathing means breathing gently, using the least effort, with your shoulders supported and relaxed.
Great advice!

One thought on “Taking the breath of life

  1. Sharron March 31, 2018 / 1:00 pm

    I find the pursed lip breathing very helpful. I caught a bad cold and at my age…79 yrs., I try very hard to fight the cold on my own. If at anytime the mucus turns yellow I call my doctor. In the meantime trying to cough up the phylum is a challenge in itself! Sometimes I feel like I’m turning my lungs inside out! This starts occurring on about the 6 th day of the cold. Actually as the cold is winding down. This lasts about another week. In the meantime regular short sessions of the perused breathing really helps and brings my oxi level up into the mid 90’s. I really feel the much improved being. I am eager to try you stair climbing tip since we have a two story house and they too are a challenge.

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