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Please note: In the EU countries plus Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Macedonia and Australia with an EHIC you are, in principal, entitled to urgent and some cronic disease related medical help, free of charge, during a temporary stay.

OxygenWorldwide on the other hand can not arrange medical oxygen under this EHIC scheme. But up till today we are called for help when holidaymakers arrive at their holiday destination where it turns out that the oxygen was not supplied as promised.

Therefore we have started a special service for the initial set-up of the medical oxygen at your destination to give you peace of mind (please note there is a set-up fee involved.)

Scenario A
Even though supply at your holiday destination is handled by your home supplier, insurer or emergency centre sometimes clients can only have oxygen delivered to their holiday destination after visiting a local doctor and thereafter a specialist. This is due to local laws and varies by country. This may mean that you will need to wait several days, or even weeks, before receiving your oxygen. OxygenWorldwide can take away this worry and help arrange oxygen before your arrival. Therefore you have to put in an enquiry on our website or simply send us an e-mail at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

On acceptance of our quote you will have to transfer the payment and we will arrange for the delivery one day prior to your arrival. After your doctor/specialist visit at your destination, please fax, or scan an e-mail, the obtained prescription for the oxygen delivery to OxygenWorldwide.

As from the date of this approval, OxygenWorldwide will pass on the delivery and invoice handling to a local oxygen supplier. In most cases you will keep the equipment you have been using.

At this point OxygenWorldwide will refund you part of the payment (total minus the set-up fee and the number of days not reimbursed, if any. )

Scenario B
Another reason why the oxygen that was promised might not be at your holiday destination when you arrive could be because of miscommunication due to the different languages between the people at your home country and the people in the country of your destination. We, at OxygenWorldwide, speak five languages to assist you on a 24 hour basis, 7 days a week. Contact us and get your oxygen arranged a.s.a.p. We will charge your credit card. In this case there is no refund, we will send you an invoice and you can try to claim the supply when you have returned home with your insurance company, oxygen supplier etc.

If you call us from your holiday destination we can call you back (on request) which will save you telephone costs. In a number of countries OxygenWorldwide is able to provide an Airport Service where we hand you your oxygen at the moment when you arrive (at the airplane door!) in case you want to know if this service is available at your destination airport please tick the Airport Service box on the request form ('Enquiries').