As an oxygen user nowadays you can travel to many destinations all over the world. OxygenWorldwide helps you to make your holiday as carefree as possible.

However, good preparation before departure is important. Here are a few tips:

Investigate whether the climate of your holiday destination affects your health. Sunny and dry destinations will surely decrease your need of oxygen and improve the quality of your stay, while humid destinations or cities with smog will worsen your breathing problems. Also the time of year can be important. In spring for example there is a higher chance of allergic reactions because of pollen. Information about holiday destinations can be acquired at travel agencies and tourist offices.
Investigate whether your insurance company pays for oxygen supply during your stay in a foreign country.
Make sure your doctor approves of your trip. Visit your doctor two weeks before departure and talk about the medications you will need during your trip. Make a list of medication names and dosage and take that list with you. Best is to have your doctor authorise this list with his/her signature and stamp to avoid any problems with Customs. Make sure you take a sufficient amount of your trusted medication with you, as its composition may be different in other countries.
Inform the people you are travelling with of your medical situation.
If you are travelling by air, check with the airline company whether it is possible to get oxygen during the flight and/or whether it is possible to bring your own oxygen equipment.
When booking a hotel or apartment, enquire whether its management has any problems with you storing oxygen equipment in the room or apartment.
Make sure your accommodation suits your special needs. Is there an elevator at the hotel? What is the walking distance to the beach, to interesting sites and to public transport? Is there a 24/7 reception you can turn to in case of problems? Can your apartment be heated? When camping, is your camping site not too humid or too sunny? Ask to make sure the accommodation has not been used by people with pets.
Always carry OxygenWorldwide’s telephone number with you and also leave this number with your family and/or friends in your home country.