June 2020
OxygenWorldwide OxygenWorldwide launches 2nd eBook and makes it FREE to download Read more here

  May 2020
OxygenWorldwide OxygenWorldwide re-launches Blogs in European Languages Read more here

  April 2020
OxygenWorldwide OxygenWorldwide launches eBook related to Covid-19 quarantine and makes it FREE to download Download here

  March 2019
OxygenWorldwide See all our videos on Youtube View here

  January 2018
OxygenWorldwide Reached a huge milestone of 25 years of helping people travel with medical oxygen!

  October 2017
OxygenWorldwide Comments from customers. Make sure you leave your comments here

  May 2017
OxygenWorldwide Looking forward to a summer of new destinations for our clients

  January 2017
OxygenWorldwide wishes all a happy new year

  August 2016
OxygenWorldwide donates to Kiva.org

  March 2016
OxygenWorldwide launches new website. Read more here

  July 2015
OxygenWorldwide sets up it's Dutch blog. Read more here

  May 2015
OxygenWorldwide sets up it's own depot with medical oxygen equipment in Dubai.

  January 2015
OxygenWorldwide wishes everyone a Happy New Year.

  October 2014
OxygenWorldwide promoting all articles on updated blog. Read more here

  July 2014
OxygenWorldwide is hoping everyone is enjoying their summer holidays.

  May 2014
OxygenWorldwide sponsors 7th World Conference of the International Primary Care Respiratory Group (IPCRG) in Athens. View page here

  April 2014
OxygenWorldwide OxygenWorldwide starts product page of portable oxygen concentrators for purchase. View page here

  December 2013
OxygenWorldwide wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and New Year.

  November 2013
OxygenWorldwide starts a Chinese page on its website and registers. View page here

  November 2013
OxygenWorldwide starts a Russian page on its website and registers www.oxygenworldwide.ru.com. View page here

  September 2013
OxygenWorldwide starts a Spanish blog. View blog here

  July 2013
OxygenWorldwide welcomes its first Japanese customer. View Japanese website online

  May 2013
OxygenWorldwide launches its Medical Oxygen Vest (M.O.V.) design. View online

  March 2013
OxygenWorldwide shares it's pure breath collection with people around the globe because of it's 20 year celebration. View online

  January 2013
OxygenWorldwide has set up a Wiki list of common medical oxygen terms used by OxygenWorldwide. View online

  December 2012
OxygenWorldwide has arranged oxygen for a record number of clients in the past year, looking forward to helping more clients in 2013.

  November 2012
OxygenWorldwide has improved its payment facilities by means of a multilingual platform for Credit Card payments in collaboration with Ogone.

  September 2012
OxygenWorldwide starts a German Blog. Follow & read online here

  August 2012
OxygenWorldwide visits Kenya, Africa sponsoring The Style Foundation, read more here.

  July 2012
OxygenWorldwide mobile website is now live access from your mobile phone. Use your mobile device to access our new site

  April 2012
OxygenWorldwide released, together with the artist composer Joris Geurts, at Galerie Nouvelles Images the 'Symphony of Sighs' (Symfonie der Zuchten). View and watch trailer here.

  March 2012
OxygenWorldwide Research & Development team starts the' Oxygen straight out of a coat' project.

  February 2012
OxygenWorldwide registers www.oxygenemondiale.com.

  February 2012
OxygenWorldwide starts a French blog. Read & subscribe here

  January 2012
OxygenWorldwide sponsors the soon to be released 'Symphony of Sighs'.

  January 2012
OxygenWorldwide adds the Japanese language to its website.

  December 2011
OxygenWorldwide launched the new fresh look of the website.

  December 2011
OxygenWorldwide registers www.oxygenworldwide.asia.

  November 2011
OxygenWorldwide announces it's soon to be released SMS alarm system.

  November 2011
OxygenWorldwide starts to promote the SOS back-up service for people travelling with portable concentrators.

  November 2011
OxygenWorldwide changes the homepage of it's website.

  October 2011
OxygenWorldwide ends the sale of portable concentrators and start focussing on it's SOS Back-up service.

  May 2011
OxygenWorldwide starts a OxygenWorldwide OUTLET website for e.g. used portable oxygen concentrators.

  April 2011
OxygenWorldwide sets up a blog. Follow this link

  March 2011
OxygenWorldwide starts a Twitter account: @oxygenworldwide. Follow this link

  February 2011
OxygenWorldwide joins FACEBOOK (oxygen worldwide).

  January 2011
OxygenWorldwide starts a re-sale/second hand service for portable concentrators.

  December 2010
OxygenWorldwide offers its portable concentrator clients to buy their portable concentrators back if no longer needed.

  November 2010
OxygenWorldwide extends its portable concentrator programme and adds 2 domestic concentrators.

  October 2010
CARE O2 changes the name CARE GLOBAL SUPPORT FUND to OxygenWorldwide CHILDREN FUND.

  October 2010
CARE O2 changes its name to OXYGEN WORLWIDE for marketing purposes.

  October 2010
CARE O2 starts taking care of all LINDE (OXYTRAVEL) patients worldwide.

  March 2010
LINDE approaches CARE O2 regarding a takeover of their OXYTRAVEL patients.

  February 2010
CARE O2 contracts a proffesional journalist called Jaap van Kluijven to write articles about oxygen for it's web-site every second day.

  February 2010
CARE O2 starts its free registration S.O.S. service for people travelling with portable concentrators.

  January 2010
CARE O2 hands out the price of its REGISTER AND WIN contest to Mrs. Agni Boparai, Khajuraho, India.

  September 2009
CARE O2 puts a Spanish version of the complete website online.

  June 2009
CARE O2 starts its, "STANDBY SERVICE" for people travelling with Portable Concentrators Worldwide.

  May 2009
CARE O2 offers portable oxygen concentrators in 12 different languages on their website.

  March 2009
CARE O2 launches new website with web shop, news articles, etc.

  February 2009
CARE O2 expands their international activities into the trade market, with portable oxygen concentrators as their main product.

  December 2008
CARE O2 starts Global Support Fund.

  November 2008
CARE O2 establishes its own local telephone line for clients visiting Turkey.

  November 2008
CARE O2 makes liquid oxygen supply in Turkey one of their priorities.

  October 2008
CARE O2 re-establishes oxygen supply on cruise ships leaving from Spanish ports.

  July 2008
CARE O2 secures cruise ship deliveries at all Italian ports.

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