Portable oxygen concentrators break down to often and what to do about it. These days many people travel with portable oxygen concentrators but we have found that they are very sensitive machines and break down to quickly. Oxygen Worldwide used to sell portable oxygen concentrators too but have found that due to break downs it created all sort of problems for its clients. 

Too many people rely on these portable oxygen concentrators (POC) for their whole trip but these machines are simply not reliable enough for that. We at Oxygen Worldwide think that one can better use a POC during the actual travel from A to B but get the local needed oxygen arranged before arrival. In case someone decides to travel with a POC and wants peace of mind when the machine would fail he or she could register with oxygen Worldwide for FREE for the S.O.S. Back-up service and as the term already explains, we will arrange a.s.a.p. oxygen replacement for you at your destination. Many people have already used the pre-registration over the past year and they have found it a very helpfull service in case of emergency.