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In the following countries is a doctors prescription required:
- France + Corsica + Monaco
- Ireland + United Kingdom
- USA + Canada
- Indonesia
- Malta
- Portugal
- Ibiza
- Cruises in Spain
- Norway
- Cyprus
The list of countries is subject to change without notice.

"Requested materials must match your prescribed oxygen therapy. In case the materials are not available at your destination OxygenWorldwide will propose alternative materials suitable to your oxygen therapy."

IMPORTANT: (local contact person/airbnb bookings, etc.)
OxygenWorldwide arranges the delivery of oxygen before you arrive and collects it again after you leave. To achieve this we will always need a verifiable local contact person who can accept the materials on your behalf. In the event that you do not have a local contact person because you made a booking through e.g. Airbnb and you have to let yourself in with a key or with a code, we can in only in some cases make a delivery on your arrival day or the day after.
The materials will then be collected before you leave.
Important: this last option is not available in all countries.

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