Spain emerging once again

Spain has experienced long and extended lockdowns, curfews and regulations due to the global pandemic for coronavirus over the last 14 months. Beginning on 14th March 2020 there was “estado de alarma” which was not a complete lockdown but six months after this was repeated six times with their second announcement in October 2020 which ended this week with known street parties in celebration a couple of days ago. With Covid-19 rates decreasing the states of Spain could start to relax.

This now means that people can now travel for the first time in 6 months and enjoy fiestas and drinks at the beach. There are still restrictions between numbers of households meeting in restaurants with limited and distance seating at table within hospitality establishments. But for most this will be a huge relief and meeting loved ones in other states for the first time in a long while.

Spain has seen one of the largest fatality rates and levels of infection and has been very hard hitting for all living in the country.

It has been a long and difficult time for all and we hope to be able to make up for lost time, memories and re-connect.

India’s oxygen crisis right now

As the covid crisis in India hits there is a worrying lack of medical oxygen supplies for patients in desperate need. The coronavirus is spreading fast and for a densely populated country their medical facilities and completely under strain.

Cases had been falling and people were beginning to be out and about more including religious festivals and political rallies.

As quoted by the Guardian, ‘In the middle of March, the number of recorded cases started to grow faster than in any other country, this week passing 300,000 a day, along with more than 2,000 deaths, close to twice the daily deaths India experienced during the first peak of the virus between July and September 2020.’

A staggering statistic that the country will be fighting to keep under control. As many doctors, nurses and families take to social media to show how desperate they are in need of oxygen let’s hope that we can help supply India’s crisis and they manage to receive what they so desperately need to save lives.

Life after covid…

Fatigue, shortness of breath, pressure in the chest, headaches and muscle pain have been surveyed as the most common symptoms after coronavirus.

“More than 9 in 10 people even indicate that they have problems with simple daily activities”.(Longfonds and CIRO knowledge center)

It seems that there is a large amount of people that may be going unheard or untreated especially if not officially diagnosed with Covid-19. People still need care and advice after coronavirus. Many who may not have been ill previously will be scared, have questions and be in a very scary or anxious unknowing if not helped.

According to the study by Longfords the average age was 53 with many healthy prior to the virus. Many complained about not be able to walk properly and certainly being unable to exercise.

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Has COVID-19 affected you too?

travel with oxygen

If you are recently new to lung problems due to contracting COVD-19 then do not worry. Even thought you may need extra support with medical oxygen, we have been experts for well over 20 years! Travelling currently has many restrictions in place as the world prepares to ease lockdown rules. This will vary by country and rules consistently change as the situation continues to be monitored.

BUT the good news is that if you are a medical oxygen user we can help arrange travel for you.

IMPORTANT Information: Due to Coronavirus regulations outbound travel is only allowed in accordance with your guidelines in your country. OxygenWorldwide can send you documentation prior to travel but will need dates of intended travel and required medical forms that you are a medical oxygen patient.

This article information is as of publish date so please do check all regulations or contact us for the latest advice here.

Life after COVID

covid after effects

Covid has affected so many over the last 12 months and in so many ways. Many have lost loved ones; countries have been stretched and also the world has had to react to its ever-changing mutations and effects economically and personally. For those who have had COVID it may not stop and recovery can be long.

If you are short of breath this is a symptom where many are struggling to breathe properly or may even feel as if they are ‘winded’ whereas prior to having the virus they were able to carry on as normal. Simple activities such as gardening, doing housework or even short walks leave you feeling short of breath. You may be feeling more tired regularly and this is also common effects of other respiratory diseases such as COPD, asthma or bronchitis.

Will COVID-19 be added to the list in future as a lung disease?

Please do seek medical advice to help but there are many things you can do to help such as:

– Breathing exercises
– Taking your time and not over exerting your body when doing activities
– Using medical oxygen to help in some severe cases

Covid affects the lungs and it is a common experience for many even after recovery so it is important to make sure you look after yourself.

The Stanley Johnson loophole and what this means for you…

homes in spain

You may have heard this in the UK press recently and wondering what this means? This loophole has been discovered for UK residents who own second homes. Many UK residents have holiday homes or second homes across Europe such as Spain, France and Italy. Lots of UK residents who have enjoyed their time split between being close to loved ones in the UK and also enjoying an extended holiday or summer months in warmer climates over the years.

The last 12 months has meant many have not been able to enjoy this as flights or travel was not permitted. Now the UK prepares to ease lockdown with its roadmap planned out there is a loophole for all those second home owners, but what is it?

All UK residents can travel to their second home if the reason is to prepare it for sale or rental reasons. This will come into force this week on step 1 of the latest roadmap allowing certain reasons to travel.

You may be wondering why it is called the ‘Stanley Johnson Loophole’ and it is connected to Boris Johnson’s father who travelled to his Greek villa to make it ‘COVID-proof’ which breached the guidelines at the time in summer 2020.

Below is what has been published that is an appropriate reason to travel to your second home:

– Visiting an estate agent
– Visiting a show home
– Viewing a property or several
– Preparing to move into a property
– If you need to travel for study
– If you are participating in an elite sport event

Currently travel from the UK carries a fine if rules are broken and although summer holidays for many now seems to not include getting on a plane to another country; will this loophole if still allowed mean for some they will be able to hop on a plane and get to their second home to prepare, buy or sell a property?

Living with someone with a lung condition

  1. Look after ‘you’ – Make sure that you have time out for yourself to give yourself space. Looking after your loved ones can be tiring and also very emotional. Space out with a friend or time on your own to relax will do wonders for your mental well-being.
  2. Join them to go out or to hospital – Just being with someone especially at the doctors if comforting for them as sometimes anxiety and being alone is very upsetting for many.
  3. Learn about the illness – Understanding side effects of medication, how an illness develops or works helps people to understand any symptoms, feelings or what level of care.

Top things to do at home this Spring

You may be thinking spring can’t come quick enough and there are already a few early signs – longer daylight hours, warmer temperatures and flowers beginning to bloom.

Even though most of Europe is still in some form of lockdown, restriction or curfew it is still safe to stay at home. But with this comes a great opportunity to step into spring!

  • Green fingers at the ready – If you are lucky enough to have a garden or even a nice outdoor courtyard, terrace or balcony now is the time to fill it with colour. From potted plants to small trees and shrubs; spring is perfect to show off some beautiful plants that will brighten up any outdoor space. This will also create a lovely seating area for you to read your next novel, listen to some music or relax with loved ones.
Decorative pots give a burst of colour too!
  • More outdoor exercising – Now that the days are getting longer and we are beginning to warm up; it is much easier and we feel more energised and positive to get outside to enjoy the fresh air. You can now regularly do your daily exercise (also with the dog or bike) and soak up some vitamin D and enjoy the views. During the warmer months take a different route or venture out at a different time of day. You can see sights you normally would miss or even discover more about where you live. Its also a great opportunity for any keen photographers to capture great views, sunsets or seasonal landscapes.
Daily exercise can really help stimulate positivity
  • Spring clean – We all feel so much better in a clean and tidy household. Simply de-clutter, re-arrange items or give areas of your home a re-fresh. Having a nice clean really does clear out the mind, make your home an enjoyable place to relax and invite others when we can. Remember your local area, woodland, park or beach are always looking for volunteers to help with rubbish and litter. It is a great way to help tidy up where you live, promote cleanliness and decrease pollution.
Helping keep your local area tidy too

Look forward to Spring and travel to be on the horizon soon!

3 reasons why self-love is so important…

Self-love is very important and many of us can forget that ‘me’ should be number 1 in life. This is why:

  1. You will be much more confident and feel in control. This is the priority as you need to be the one in control and not being controlled by others around you or feelings. You will also feel so good about yourself and happy.
  2. You will feel more independent to do what you have always wanted to and this may mean doing something outrageous or crazy or it may simply mean you start doing those hobbies, dreams and plans you have always thought were not possible for you.
  3. Gives you an inner-strength to make a difference, make the right decisions. You deserve the best and cannot settle for anything lower than what you should.

“You were born an original work of art. Stay original always. Originals cost more than imitations.”― Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

Breathe easy at home

oxygen at home

For those who need medical oxygen at home this can seem daunting. Home oxygen is needed for those who have low oxygen levels and having this supply can help those with respiratory illnesses.

For some this may be a relatively new requirement especially if you have been in hospital with coronavirus and on your after-care plan you still require extra help with oxygen to improve your condition and daily life.

Oxygen at home or oxygen therapy increases the oxygen levels in your blood flow and can help with daily activities all based upon what your doctor has required necessary.

It can seem very scary but this vital source of medical equipment not only will help you breathe but will enable you to be able to move around, do daily exercise and even (when we can) venture on holiday. You do not have to miss out.

The team at OxygenWorldwide have over 20 years experience and can assist, provide and be available for your oxygen needs. Whether you require oxygen therapy at home or abroad – contact our team which operates across Europe and worldwide.

For more information about the team, where we deliver and also client feedback please do visit our website and contact us with any questions.