Have you ever wondered the reason medical oxygen and oxygen are such a big deal? Now that we have cleared the air, let’s explore the lighthearted realm of these vital substances.

1. Regular Oxygen

It’s the air we breathe. Pure oxygen is just ordinary oxygen and makes up roughly 21% of the air in our surroundings.

2. Medical Oxygen

What makes it different? Well, it’s like the premium version of our everyday oxygen. Medical oxygen is purer, more concentrated, and specially produced whether recovering in a hospital or exploring the world with a portable tank.

3. What Sets Them Apart?

  • Purity: While regular oxygen is great for everyday breathing, medical oxygen is almost 100% pure.
  • Prescription: Medical oxygen is only available when referred amnd prescribed with a doctor’s note.

Oxygen is the everyday hero around us and medical oxygen is the caped crusader needed portably.