The quality of the air we breathe has a significant impact on respiratory health. Since we use medical oxygen, as a community, we recognise the importance of a clean, toxin-free environment. Apart from the oxygen that keeps us alive, the quality of the air we breathe has a significant effect on our health.

The use of air filters is a fantastic addition to our toolkit and it has had nothing short of revolutionary effects. These filters not only significantly improved allergy relief, but they also help create a better interior too.

Understanding the Risks:

Indoor air pollution and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has rightfully declared it a top 5 environmental risk to public health. Mold spores, lead in dust, allergens, viruses and pet dander are among the invisible foes that can wreak havoc on respiratory health, especially for those of us in the inside generation.

Here’s why they stand out:

  1. Carbon/Gas Trap/VOC Filter:
    • Targets volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like formaldehyde and chemicals from off-gassing.
  2. UltraHEPA Filter:
    • Filters particles down to an impressive 0.003 microns—100 times more effective than a regular HEPA filter.

These filters aren’t selective; they’re comprehensive in their mission. From mold spores to allergens, smoke, viruses, and even off-gassing, they neutralize the smallest and most toxic of air pollutants.

As we navigate the realm of respiratory health, let’s embrace the power of clean air. Together, we’re breathing easy.