Can I travel across the border?

Yes, but with increased border security, make sure you have the following documentation:

  • A current oxygen prescription from your doctor
  • Proof of “point of origin” for your oxygen equipment

What should I take with me when traveling?

  • Your Home Oxygen Provider’s phone number
  • Your doctor’s name and office phone number
  • An emergency contact’s name and phone number (e.g. family, friend)
  • A letter from your physician to any health care professional (e.g. physician, nurse, etc.) you may need to see while travelling
  • A list of your allergies, vaccinations and current medications
  • A copy of your treatment plan in case of flare-ups
  • A prescription for antibiotics, if prescribed by your physician
  • The name of a physician at your destination; make sure this physician receives current medical information from your Canadian physician before you travel
  • A copy of your Health Directive (Ensure your family is also aware of your wishes)
  • Extra medication, in case you are delayed returning home
  • If traveling by plane with a portable oxygen concentrator (POC), bring the Physician’s Statement for Airline Travel with a POC, completed by your physician. This will authorize your POC use during the flight.