Why do you need oxygen?

Your Healthcare Professional has ordered oxygen for you. This may be because the oxygen in your blood is low and you need more oxygen than is available from room air alone.

Your Healthcare Professional will have assessed you, deciding how much additional oxygen your body requires. The Healthcare Professional also decides what flow rate of oxygen and how many hours per day you will need to use it.
Your oxygen equipment has been provided to give you increased independence for activities in and out of your home.
When using oxygen away from your home, you should continue to observe all the safety precautions previously identified.
In particular, you should ensure that:

  • No one should adjust or tamper with the equipment
  • The safety risk to people around you is minimised

It is possible to transport your oxygen on public transport but there are no fixed national guidelines as to what trains, coaches, buses and taxis will allow.
Portable oxygen can be used on London Underground.
The oxygen equipment should only be used:

  • As described in the user manual
  • In a carrying bag when supplied
  • With the delivery tubing as short as possible

Always ensure that:

  • Your equipment is secure while the vehicle is moving
  • The valve of the oxygen equipment is securely closed, when not in use

When using the equipment on public transport:

  • DO NOT leave the equipment unattended
  • DO NOT leave the cannula or mask on the seat or near other absorbent materials when not in use
  • DO NOT use a mobile phone
  • DO NOT allow children to tamper with the equipment
  • DO NOT use a humidifier
  • DO NOT cover the equipment with any clothing, bags or other material


We have a 24 hour Freephone helpline to address any of your enquiries.
Please contact us on info@oxygenworldwide.com or at www.oxygenworldwide.com