healthIt has been discovered just how good certain fruit and vegetables are for you and some have properties which could aid people with respiratory problems and can help improve oxygenation of your body. Supplemental oxygen can provide you with additional oxygen, which in itself has many health benefits but you can supplement this by improving your diet. By adding vegetables high in nitrates or lemon juice to your diet you can improve oxygen levels in your body, breathe easier and be able to get around and exercise a lot better, fundamental for suffers of conditions like COPD.
Beetroot juice contains nitrates which help widen the blood vessels, increasing blood flow and allowing more oxygen to be delivered to the cells that need it and if you drink a glass a day it can help reduce blood pressure by 7%.
It can allow you to exercise for longer as it can deliver more oxygen to the muscles. As well as reducing the workload on the heart and make the heart consume less oxygen during exercise. The exercise itself becomes more effective and you can exercise for longer before becoming fatigued. It was found that you could cycle 16% longer from just 500ml Beetroot juice a day for 2 weeks.
Nitrate also triggers a series of chemical reactions in the blood which can increase oxygen in areas of the body which are lacking an oxygen supply.
Celery, cabbage, spinach and lettuce are also high in nitrates and have similar findings.
Lemons are full of negatively charged ions which increase the flow of oxygen to the brain. This can make us feel more alert, less drowsy and improve our mental activity, as well as protect us from germs in the air.
Drinking lemon juice has been shown to help against heartburn, bloating and belching. Your bowels can eliminate waste more effectively and constipation and diarrhoea can be prevented.
Lemon can also stimulate the liver and help dissolve poisons and toxins. In addition, the high content of potassium in lemons can help nourish nerve cells and brain function.
Lemon juice can help people with a wide variety of health conditions, such as, asthma, colds, coughs, sore throat, diphtheria, influenza, heartburn, liver problems, scurvy, fevers and rheumatism.
Lemon can help increase oxygen levels in the body as the juice will help adjust oxygen and calcium levels by regulating the carbohydrate levels which affect blood oxygen levels.
Some simple remedies include: For a sore throat, dilute one-half lemon juice with water and gargle often throughout the day. A slice of lemon bound over a pus formation – on a joint – will bring everything to the surface and be removed. And, for asthma patients, a tablespoon of lemon juice – one hour before eating will greatly assist in digestion and help to reduce your symptoms.
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