Obviously friends or family with COPD do not just want presents all about their illness but if they have been newly diagnosed or need items replacing then you might be able to get them the perfect present. Anything that can help them with their disease will mean that you’ve helped to improve their quality of life all year round.
Christmas season

  1.  Exercise Bike

Nothing is more important to the person who has COPD than exercise. Exercise helps build endurance and muscle strength, ultimately making it easier for your loved one to breathe. An exercise bike helps that person to enjoy exercise within the comfort of home with their oxygen nearby for peace of mind, and they can use it all year round in any weather condition, unlike a normal bike.

  1. Pulse Oximetry Monitor

An FDA approved pulse oximetry monitor allows the patient to monitor their oxygen levels to ensure that they are getting enough.

  1. Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Many patients suffer from COPD complications and may take a variety of different medications for them. A blood pressure monitor is essential to make sure the medications or the condition are not affecting their health.

  1. Nebulizer

A nebulizer is important to have as it administers medication directly into the COPD patient’s airways to help them to breathe easier. Handy to have one when out and about so that if an attack happens they can try to reduce it and improve their breathing as a short-term tactic until they can get to their oxygen supply.

  1. Knitted Beret, Scarf and Gloves

Keeping warm is so very important for someone with COPD as cold air can trigger an attack and they will help to prevent them from catching any bugs during the winter.

  1. Nebulizer Carry Bag

This will allow them to take their nebulizer out and about with them more easily and help to encourage them to keep themselves active. It could be used to carry other small pieces of equipment too.
7.Extended Oxygen Tubing
If they feel slightly shackled to their oxygen tank then getting them some extended tubing will allow them more freedom of movement in their home to be able to do more homely activities and keep them more active at home.

  1. COPD for Dummies Book

A great beginner’s guide for someone newly diagnosed or their partner or carer with lots of tips and advice on how best to cope with COPD. Also if they are smokers then perhaps self-help books on stopping smoking could also be beneficial.

  1. Portable Concentrator

If their local provider cant provide them with one then you can buy one privately. A portable concentrator is a hugely beneficial piece of equipment as it allows the patient to leave their home free from the shackles of their tank and use oxygen easily outside. It gives the patient a huge new lease of life and allows them to exercise, go shopping, see friends etc. without having to take their oxygen tank and supporting equipment with them.

  1. Accessories

There are lots of accessories available to help improve the home for patients who use oxygen. Sometimes local providers have limited choice and availability of these neat gadgets but private companies have a vast choice of those small things that can make a huge difference.

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