This year talking about Christmas doesn’t feel too early does it?! We all missed loved ones, travel, Christmas markets and all the work and friend socialising so this year we all cannot wait!

We have previously written a blog for this but feel that this year we all cannot wait and winter travel may be on the plans even more so. With the UK relaxing travel rules by November even further – catching some winter sun, taking a short break or flying to spend times with those we have all missed will be more popular this Christmas time.

Here are 5 top tips when travelling with oxygen over the festive period:

1) Make sure you have notified everyone on your expected times of arrival and where you are staying to ensure that your supply arrives at the correct location / date / time

2) Ensure you pack everything you will need for the destination you are visiting. Especially over the winter months take extra care in packing the right clothes for the temperature. Many countries over winter months drop and you will need to keep warm

3) Always take more than enough supply of medication with you – transportation car / train / boar or plane especially in colder climates could be delayed or cancelled and pro-long your trip

4) If you are staying with friends and family make sure they have OWW contact details as we are available for help 24/7 and can help if something goes wrong with your oxygen supply during your trip

5) Most of all enjoy Christmas and unwind. Relaxing is the best medicine as well as laughter and joy. Make memories during your trip that will last a lifetime.

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