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OxygenWorldwide is a company under Dutch management established in 1993.
OxygenWorldwide is based in Spain and operates internationally.
Our objective is to make travel for those who need oxygen as carefree as possible.
All OxygenWorldwide employees are multilingual. Our customer service staff speaks five languages.
OxygenWorldwide arranges oxygen delivery worldwide for oxygen users on holiday or staying abroad for a longer period of time, also in case of a tour through several countries.
OxygenWorldwide arranges oxygen at airports until the moment you board the plane and from the moment you deplane*.
OxygenWorldwide arranges oxygen at home after hospital discharge.
OxygenWorldwide arranges oxygen for individual users, insurance agencies, emergency centres and oxygen suppliers in your home country.
OxygenWorldwide delivers liquid oxygen (LOX), cylinders and (portable) concentrators.
OxygenWorldwide has an international network of oxygen suppliers and works with associates worldwide.
OxygenWorldwide can assist you in English, Spanish, German, French and Dutch.
* Available in certain countries only.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us