New Year’s Eve is perhaps the most intensely and raucously celebrated night of the year. After all the fanfare, fiestas and fun that are over, it is time for those resolutions!
It’s a brand new year. A time of great hope and optimism as we pocket all the old worries, fears and failures that plagued the last one.
We believe there’s no better way to mark the significance of such a blessed milestone than committing to some New Year Resolutions. Have you given it any thought? Now’s the time!
We all know the “usuals” and they invariably have to do with achieving a greater level of health. People everywhere want to begin anew by getting in shape, eating healthy, exercising.
We researched a list of the most popular resolutions and posted them for you here. See any that strike your fancy?

Most Popular New Year Resolutions

      • Eat Healthy Food
      • Travel to a new destination
      • Do more exercise
      • Visit a long-lost friend
      • Save Money
      • Book your summer holiday
      • Volunteer to Help Others