You may be thinking spring can’t come quick enough and there are already a few early signs – longer daylight hours, warmer temperatures and flowers beginning to bloom.

Even though most of Europe is still in some form of lockdown, restriction or curfew it is still safe to stay at home. But with this comes a great opportunity to step into spring!

  • Green fingers at the ready – If you are lucky enough to have a garden or even a nice outdoor courtyard, terrace or balcony now is the time to fill it with colour. From potted plants to small trees and shrubs; spring is perfect to show off some beautiful plants that will brighten up any outdoor space. This will also create a lovely seating area for you to read your next novel, listen to some music or relax with loved ones.
Decorative pots give a burst of colour too!
  • More outdoor exercising – Now that the days are getting longer and we are beginning to warm up; it is much easier and we feel more energised and positive to get outside to enjoy the fresh air. You can now regularly do your daily exercise (also with the dog or bike) and soak up some vitamin D and enjoy the views. During the warmer months take a different route or venture out at a different time of day. You can see sights you normally would miss or even discover more about where you live. Its also a great opportunity for any keen photographers to capture great views, sunsets or seasonal landscapes.
Daily exercise can really help stimulate positivity
  • Spring clean – We all feel so much better in a clean and tidy household. Simply de-clutter, re-arrange items or give areas of your home a re-fresh. Having a nice clean really does clear out the mind, make your home an enjoyable place to relax and invite others when we can. Remember your local area, woodland, park or beach are always looking for volunteers to help with rubbish and litter. It is a great way to help tidy up where you live, promote cleanliness and decrease pollution.
Helping keep your local area tidy too

Look forward to Spring and travel to be on the horizon soon!