Traveling with oxygen can be very intimidating but with proper planning it can be accomplished comfortably and safely. You don't have to give up the adventure of travel. You just have to make your arrangements in advance and be willing to take the extra time to confirm details prior to your trip.  
While the warranty service on your portable oxygen concentrator is handled by the retailer you purchase it from, oxygen concentrators are covered by different warranties depending on who manufactured them. It is important to keep in mind the duration of your warranty so you are prepared with the correct information, should a problem with your device arise.

travelling with medical oxygen In light of the new ruling, passengers must still meet certain pre-boarding conditions, including advance check-ins, having a fully charged battery for 150% of the flight time, a doctor's statement of medical necessity and properly packaged extra batteries. If you are planning a trip and are oxygen dependent, keep these tips in mind when traveling with oxygen: Every airline is different. When making an airline reservation, ask about specific regulations and restrictions that may apply when carrying oxygen on-board your flight. Always schedule a pre-trip medical exam before traveling. Discuss traveling with oxygen with your doctor. Don't forget to obtain a letter of medical necessity from your doctor during your pre-trip medical exam. This must be carried with you and presented to the airline before you board your plane. Remember, the letter should include your oxygen flow-rate. You may want to make an extra copy and tuck it away in your luggage, in the event you lose your in-hand copy before your return home. Remember that altitude may increase your oxygen requirement. Your prescription for oxygen should reflect this. Don't forget to carry your medications in your on-board luggage and to carry an adequate supply of COPD rescue inhalers when you travel. It is wise to keep any medications in their original containers, and to bring a note of medical necessity from your doctor. If you have COPD and are planning a trip for treatment, business or pleasure, speak to our team or view more useful information and client testimonials

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