"Thank you. This was my first trip. The service was very friendly and efficient."
May 2023

  "It was uncomplicated. Someone was always available. Everything was perfectly ready when we get to the hotel. The device was clean, new and really handy!,"
May 2023

  "Absolutely I would use it again. The level of response I received regarding questions and concerns I had were quickly answered and dealt with and I was reassured that I would have the oxygen tank ready and waiting upon my arrival. Wonderful service provider,"
April 2023

  "They were there at the end of the phone to deal with any problems 1st class"
October 2022

  "Yes very good Service. My Parents Could enjoy the journey without problems"
October 2022   "Yes your service is perfect.Even if there is any problem abroad you are helping."
September 2022

  "Absolutely. This is the first time we managed to arrange oxygen for my husband and it was an amazing improve of our travel. You gave us excellent and professional service and we really appreciate it!"
September 2022

  "Yes, I would use your service again. All the equipment was in my hotel room when I arrived as agreed.."
, August 2022

  "Super Service! Gerne wieder! Schön ein Partner zu haben auf den man sich verlassen kann. Ist ja nun auch wichtig versorgt zu sein. (Super Service! Gladly again! Nice to have a partner you can rely on. It's also important to be taken care of.)"
, August 2022

  "This is the first time we managed to arrange oxygen for my husband and it was an amazing improve of our travel. You gave us excellent and professional service and we really appreciate it!"
, August 2022

  "Thank you for the fast delivery and the great service."
(translated from German customer), July 2022

  "The service was efficient and reliable"
July 2022

  "I will recommend you to anyone I know who needs your service"
June 2022

  "Yes I would use again, it was a great facility."
June 2022

  "To be fair I could not have gone on holiday without your fabulous help and assistance-I’m so very grateful!"
May 2022

  "Excellent service. The equipment was superior to our home equipment."
March 2022

  "I have been using OxygenWorldWide for some years now and you have never delivered a bad service."
February 2022

  "Yes I would recommend your services. Had to book the emergency service to be able to come out of hospital. Booking was easy and machine was delivered to the hotel room ready for my discharge"
December 2021

  "Reliable service."
December 2021

  "The service was really good."
November 2021

  "Life Saving service."
October 2021

  "Delivery, function, relatively easy to order."
September 2021

  "Definitely use again because it was so reliable."
September 2021

  "My father is the service user. The machine was onsite when we arived for holidays and instructions were clear."
October 2019

September 2019

  "I would just like to say thank you for making this process so easy and flawless regarding your excellent service, as you know if someone is on oxygen, it can be quite stressful travelling and arriving in a different country. Thank you once again and will definitely recommend your company and will definitely make use of your service again in future."
September 2019

  "Yes, everything went according to plan."
September 2019

  "Yes I would use your services again,very polite & genuinely lovely people to deal with, excellent efficiency, with my condition day to day life can be very difficult & extremely painful. Everything was simple from start to finish with your services."
July 2019

  "Very helpful service with no problems."
July 2019

  "I felt so safe every thing i needed was provided plus I had a problem which was my own fault one phone call and the problem was solved i would recommend and use your services again thank you so much."
June 2019

  "Excellent service cylinders delivered and picked up on time. Communication prompt and efficient."
June 2019

  "Excellent communications setting this up. Thank You. Gracias."
June 2019

  "Dealing with the head office was excellent service, prompt, professional, courteous and helpful."
June 2019

  "Oxygen WorldWide is a reliable service that takes care of every detail from beginning to end. I am so grateful to have found you."
April 2019

  "Excellent service. Very reliable and helpful"
March 2019

  "Everything worked perfect. Therefore I will use your services again."
January 2019

  "Absolutely we would use your services. We were very happy with the delivery & retrieval and we also appreciated the follow up. During the ordering process all my questions were completely & thoughtfully answered"
November 2018

  "I would 100% use this service again there is nothing at all i could find a fault with. From the first initial email i was supported every step of the way with a prompt reply. The airport service was excellent having just arrived and a lady come on board with the oxygen was amazing. All equipment was just as we asked then to receive a courtesy call at the hotel to see if we needed anything else just topped it off. Well done oxygen worldwide"
October 2018

  "Yes the service was excellent every thing went very smoothly."
October 2018

  "Good customer service, they were able to provide the equipment we needed and worked with a third party to have it delivered and picked up at our rental unit."
September 2018

  "What a fantastic service you give to disabled people, allowing them to enjoy a holiday, rather than not go because of their breathing problems. So thank you. Thank you so so much. "
August 2018

  "Absolutely would use services again. Your company quickly arranged for oxygenator delivery at several locations. Would recommend to anyone!"
August 2018

  "OxygenWorldwide were very helpful from start to finish"
July 2018

  "Toll, dass es eine Firma wie die Ihrige gibt!"
July 2018

  "I found your service very good and would highly recommend you to anyone who needs it. I will be using your service again."
Mrs Butler, June 2018

  "Yes, vey reliable never had a problem. Very efficient and reliable service."
Mrs McLardy, April 2018

  "Your way of creating security by calling the receiver and making sure, that everything was alright, made a enormous positive difference for our patient and family.."
Mrs Korsgård, October 2017

  "Everytime, perfect service."
Mr Motz, September 2017

  "The ordering went fast and professional. Arranged delivery at a time that was convenient for client."
mrs Paveo, September 2017

  "Very happy traveler now I know who to contact in the future.Thank you."
Miss Howe, September 2017

  "Yes.Because it was delivered to our hotel before our arrival as promised.So it was ready for us."
Miss Talbot, August 2017

  "We had two wonderful weeks with the family in Denmark. Thank you for your help Your service was very good. Your workers are speaking Germany and we could talk about technical Details."
Mr Happ, July 2017

  "Very efficient and reliable service"
Mrs Robinson, July 2017

  "es we would already made a enquiry for next year its a excellent service my wife never ran out of oxygen and your staff were always helpful including the technican who showed us how to operate the liquid oxygen i would recommend oxygenworldwide to everyone who needs it."
Mr Sheth, June 2017

  "I ordered oxygen for Spain. Contact by email was easy and replies received quickly. Equipment delivered and collected as agreed. Great service, very pleased."
Mr Cole, June 2017

  "Yes - because it is vital to have oxygen and makes a difference when it is delivered"
Mr Woodruff, May 2017

  "Perfect! Thank you for all your help. I have always found oxygen worldwide to be very helpful and efficient!"
Mr Owen, May 2017

  "Contact and service excellent "
Mr Hurst, December 2016

  "Yes, very reliable, helpful and knowledgeable. No concerns - very efficient service, thank you "
Mrs Shire, December 2016

Mrs Bhutho, December 2016

  "Very good service, have used you previously. Would use again, service very good."
Mrs Campbell, October 2016

  "I would most definitely use your services again this is my husbands first experience of having oxygen abroad and was very pleased with the service you gave. We can only say that the service you provided was excellent. "
Mr Hastings, September 2016

  "Yes I would use your services again. Everything was perfect, Thank you. I would be happy to recommend your services to anyone who needs them."
Mr Smedley, September 2016

  "Thank you for all your help, the oxygen arrived at the ship and worked fine,many thanks again, you provide a great service and I'm grateful for your help, my holiday would not have been possible without your help, thank you again."
Doreen, September 2016

  "We were satisfied with the service and there were no problems. All were in place when we arrived at the hotel and again in the cabin where we moved to the second week."
Mr Grenall, September 2016

  "Delivered for my arrival at holiday accommodation, I am a returning customer and would recommend this company to anyone having concerns regarding oxygen on holiday...Would use again, for peace of mind and hassle free delivery."
Mrs Kerr, August 2016

  "Yes, we have bee using your services for the last three years. The service is very good and the staff communicate well."
Mrs Murphy, August 2016

  "The service was very efficient, and staff very helpful.Thank you for making our holiday possible."
Dr Kapil, August 2016

  "Thank you all very much for the efficient way you organised our supply of oxygen throughout our stay in Yeriscipou throughout July. Andreas in Paphos was very helpful and very pleasant: our supplies arrived on time each time we requested them and the whole system worked. We will most certainly be using you again next year."
Karen James, August 2016

  "Yes we would definitely use you're service again. This was the first time my mum had required oxygen abroad and the oxygen was delivered before we arrived and collected after we left- we couldn't fault the service at all! Thank you for making this first scary experience requiring oxygen extremely easy for us."
Miss Simmonds, July 2016

  "Yes, we would definitely use your services again, prompt replies to our first emails, and very easy for us to organise, for my sister, who had never used oxygen abroad before, the unit was waiting for us as promised when we arrived at the hotel, and was picked up after our departure time, so that it was still available for her to use in the morning before we left for the airport. We will definitely use your services again when we travel abroad."
Mrs Briggs, July 2016

  "I would definitely use your services again, I'm happy with everything. The oxygen is always there on time and is never late."
Mr Duncan, June 2016

  "100% the best service I ever received no matter where I go on holidays."
Mrs Falkner, June 2016

  "es I definitely would use your services again. My mother is the oxygen user and the service was very prompt, courteous and efficient."
Mrs Cosgrave, June 2016

  "Our NHS gave me a number Of Omega Travel and they gave me your web site which I used and have kept all the paper work so would definitely use you again."
Mr Kite, May 2016

  "yes, they are a first class service and good staff."
Mr Batey, April 2016

  "I was happy. It worked out perfectly for me."
Mr Bhuto, March 2016

  "Yes I had a good service from you."
Mr Keijser, February 2016

  "The service was first class and I did not have any problems."
Mr Batey, December 2015

  "Yes would use your service again.staff worked hard to meet my requirements and were friendly and most helpful."
Mrs Aitken, October 2015

  "Yes I would use your service again as you were prompt and went out of your way to provide a technician who was able to show me how to use the unit on a day you would not usually deliver. I was very impressed with your customer service, everyone was helpful, friendly and professional."
Mrs Hythe, July 2015

  "The service was very good despite the very short notice that we gave your company of our requirements"
Mrs Wilkinson, July 2015

  "Very helpful in an emergency"
Mr Burley, June 2015

  "Yes, it is an excellent service."
Mr Leijon, April 2015

  "We were very impressed with quality and promptness of service."
Mr Farrow, March 2015

  "Yes it took all my worries that I had away previously, thank you for the efficient, polite, friendly treatment I received"
Mrs Starmer, November 2014

  "Excellent service"
Mrs Nourse, October 2014

  "Yes I would use OxygenWorldwide services again and this was on recommendation so my first time travelling with medical oxygen."
Mr Sawyer, August 2014

   "Yes, I would use your services again. It was easy to set up and everything arrived as scheduled. We didn't have to worry about the oxygen."
Mr Mehlman, USA, June 2014

   "You are very reliable. My husband is dependant on oxygen. It is great that we could feel secure all the time. We received very good service. You were on the ball every time we needed to contact you"
Mrs Stokhholm, April 2014

  "Thank you for the great job in getting the oxygen respirators delivered in China. If worked out perfect for me. The equipment was brand new and worked well. I was able to take my own unit on Air China and used it during the day because of more battery life, but used yours at night with my CPAP. It was comforting just to know I had a back up unit if there was a problem with mine. I would suggest to people in my situation to rent a unit from you so their vacation can't be ruined because of a break down with their equipment. The equipment in Shanghai was picked up yesterday, but I am not sure when it was picked up in Beijing. Once again, thanks for the good work and professionalism from Oxygen Worldwide."
March 2014

   "I would like express our gratitude to arrange the oxygen concentrator for my wife to Estepona. We had a beautiful holiday. Very polite staff and good service."
Mr. Jones, February 2014

  "On short notice I had to attend a funeral in Berlin, Germany. My home oxygen provider could not be of assistance, but when making enquiries online I discovered Oxygenworldwide and the team helped arrange all my needs prior to my visit. Thank you for arranging an oxygen concentrator at my brother's home."
Bill Bates, 1st December 2013

  'Many thanks for your wonderful service! My wife and I spent a great week in Paris and did not have to worry about a thing. The concentrator we ordered was waiting for us when we arrived. We will certainly be in touch again when travelling to Greece next month!"
John and Desiree Walton 18th November 2013

  "Yes I would use OxygenWorldwide again because it was the best Service which I have ever had.."
Mrs Muller, September 2013

  "Thank your for an excellent service regarding oxygen handling for Lisbeth. We had, as usual, a nice week on the island with good food, good wine and nice people."
Lisbeth and Orjan Falk, July 2013

  "Just a note to say thanks very much for the oxygen, everything has gone really smoothly with it. Thanks again for the seam free service."
Mrs Simmonds, January 2013

  "I would cerainly use your services again because I can depend on you to deliver my oxygen to the venue on the correct time and place."
Mr Goulding, October 2012

  "It was a very good service and you delivered to the hotel which is good...very quick responses to all our e-mails and informative"
Richard Skinner just returned from USA, August 2012

  "Yes, I would use your services again because I was very satisfied with the service you provided for my recent stay in Paris. The service provided in Paris was very good and proivided me with all that was needed."
Marilyn Johnson, USA July 2012

  "Yes I would use your services again as the telephone staff and delivery man were very helpful"
Michelle Donovan, May 2012

  "Your service was second to none. I have not experienced anything else like it in recent years. Thank you for making my last few trips to Spain so very easy. Good luck for your continued business success..."
Graeme Warner, Edinburgh, Scotland, March 2012

  "I would use OxygenWorldwide's services again as both times we have used your services, everything has worked out very well, thank you..."
Felix Colander, France, February 2012

  "I wanted to write to you to thank you most sincerely for stepping in at no notice at all to fill the gap of the oxygen for our holiday arranged at the last possible minute! Thank you again for making the last trip such a huge success. It is always a real pleasure to do business with you. You, alone amongst service providers, have not forgotten what service means!"
Graeme Warner, Edinburgh, Scotland, October 2011

  "Everything worked perfect, thanks"
Dorte Bhutho September 2011

  "Just back from my holiday in Lanzarote, thank you for having the equipment there when I arrived, the portable that I was worried about was very good. You provided a very good service and I was glad I got the oxygen for the 3 weeks as I was not under strain. Thank you, Regards"
Jane Kiely, August 2011

  "I just wanted to thank you most sincerely for the excellent arrangements which you put in place for the holiday I have just had. Everything worked like clockwork & I could not have asked for more. I am used to using liquid oxygen at home and it was wonderful to make such a seemless and trouble-free transition to its use abroad. In the past, I have used a small potable electrical concentrator to leave the house and this had two serious disadvantages - it does not produce 100% pure oxygen & the battery only lasts for around 2 hours. What a joy it was to have your arrangements in place. Thank you again"
Graeme Warner, 2011

  "Just a note to say that the quality of equipment and service level from your colleagues in Portugal was excellent. My daughter also told me that the chap who delivered and collected the unit, could not have been more helpful and charming. Thank you so much. (Let's hope we are able to repeat the process next year!)
Once again with many thanks and our best regards"

John from England - June 2009

  "We have just returned from our holiday in Spain, which was very enjoyable, and would like to thank you very much for your excellent service in supplying the oxygen to the hotel.
The machine was waiting for us when we arrived and Charles was quite ready for it after an early morning start and several hours travelling.
We will of course contact you again if we decide to go abroad on holiday"

Marilyn and Charles from England - November 2008

  "Mijne dames e/of heren,
Met verwijzing naar onderstaand bericht zeg ik formeel met terugwerkende kracht de zuurstoflevering door U per 010111 op. Gaarne wil ik U bedanken voor de uitstekende service die U geleverd heeft.
Met vr gr"

J.van der Kleij
  "Thank you for your helpful and friendly service."
Mr Lewis, September 2015

  "Yes would use OxygenWorldwide again as efficient, friendly & easy channel of communication."
Mrs Turner, July 2015

  "The service is very reliable, keep up the good work"
Mr Lovett, June 2015

  "Yes I would use this service again. The machine you provided was quite new and efficient and very quiet!!"
Mr Kirkbride, May 2015

  "Yes we would use your service again very helpful, thank you again for making our holiday possible."
Mr Goodwin, April 2015

  "Service good, staff great. Compressor broke down in Lanzarote and repair/replacement service worked very smoothly."
Ms Murphy, January 2015

  "Good service both before and during delivery"
Mrs Anderson, October 2014

  "I found your service very dependable and convenient"
Mrs Dudar, September 2014

  "I would use OxygenWorldwide services again because it is a lot easier."
Miss Nielson, July 2014

   "Following our previous contacts for our request of oxygen therapy abroad and very satisfied for your professionalism, we hereby send you a new request for one of our patients."
Fabrizia la Femina, May 2014

  "I have used this service twice now for my mother when she has travelled abroad this means she can have oxygen in her apartment as and when needed. Making her enjoy her holiday. Thanks very much"
Miss Bowden, March 2014

   'We have a house at Portugal and found your service browsing the internet. We would like to thank you for arranging the liquid oxygen plus the portable which my husband needed recently so that we still can enjoy our house together which we bought many years ago. Thank you OxygenWorldwide'
Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson, March 2014

  "Many friends made comments about the beautiful town of Barcelona. So we decide to make a last minute booking. Thanks to your quick intervention to arrange the liquid oxygen for my husband we could make the trip."
Mrs. Smith, January 2014

  "Our marriage in the south of France was unforgettable. The most important thing for us was that my father, who suffers from COPD, could join us. The oxygen concentrator was at the resort when we arrived. Many thanks!"
25th November 2013

  "Your service was fantastic! Moving the machine from hotel to hotel the machine was always in my room when I arrived... well worth it."
Miss Bradish, November 2013

  "Oxygen Worldwide would be my first choice if I required portable / liquid oxygen abroad in the future. The level of communications, service and support were first class. Oxygen Worldwide eased any concerns about the logistical problems associated with the requirement to use portable oxygen abroad. An excellent service."
Mr Hendry, August 2013

  "Yes I would use this service again, very efficient service. Polite and friendly to deal with. Very happy."
Mrs Boddy, March 2013

  "This service was of great convenience to me because I needed the oxygen during my stay in Gibraltar, but traveling with large cylinders on multiple flights from the US would have been nearly impossible. Coordinating with local suppliers would have also been quite challenging, so Oxygen Worldwide made it hassle-free. Communication with your representatives by email was effective and they always responded promptly to any of my questions."
Dr Khan, December 2012

  "Definately use your services again - the service was excellent, I will be booking with you for next September"
Pat Decker, September 2012

  "Just a quick note to thank you for your excellent service... "
Peter Szando, July 2012

  "Fantastic service, can not fault anything, everything went really well you took a lot of anxiety away from us wondering if it was all going to be there and it was just what i ordered; you did a fantastic job we can't thank you enough and we will be contacting you again to arrange our next holiday"
Elaine Gill, June 2012

  "Can I thank you for supplying us with oxygen for our 4 days break In Paris everything went like clockwork..."
Bleddyn Evans, April 2012

  "I would definately use your services again as it gives my wife and i the freedom to take holidays abroad ..."
Mr & Mrs Grey, United Kingdom, March 2012

  "Yes, professional service, consistent contact, all requirements met and exceeded.Many thanks to Marijke Italiaander for all her help and support."
Ben Howells, Essex, November 2011

  "Thank you very much for your kind support with the oxygen to my husband in Paris. It was really very big help for us to know that we can travel in future without problems. My best regards"
Edda Chronaki, September 2011

  "Definitely, would use you again, I have used your services twice, both times with efficient service but second time on an emergency basis, which was exceptional; Thank you once again for you assistance. Regards"
Lynne McParlin, August 2011

  "You very kindly supplied oxygen, for use by my husband, last year while we were on holiday. Your service was impecable. We need to arrange this service again for 13th August 2011 until 29th August 2011 whilst in Spain. My husband uses a concentrator"
L McParin, 2011

  "Stichting Vakantie Projecten ( SVP ) organiseert ook dit jaar weer een vakantie naar Gran Canaria voor gezinnen en voor jong volwassenen met Cystic Fibroses.
In het verleden hebben wij naar tevredenheid regelmatig gebruik gemaakt van jullie geleverde O2.
Dit jaar gaat er niemand mee die O2?behoeftig is en wij willen heel graag dat het deze vakantie zo zal blijven!
Echter, indien t?ch nodig, zouden we graag alsnog daar ter plekke , een beroep willen doen op OxygenWorldwide. Hartelijke groeten"

Richard from Trudi Stortenbeeker, Stichting Vakantie Projecten (SVP)

  "You arranged oxygen for me during my 14-day stay in Croatia. It went great. Would you also be able to help me in the Zagreb area? All info appreciated"
Richard from Germany - May 2009

  "When I arrived at the apartment in Nerja in Spain I found a different refill machine waiting for me than I was used to. It came with a Spanish-only manual.
One telephone call to OxygenWorldwide in Alicante was enough to have this problem solved. OxygenWorldwide is available 24 hours a day and we were helped by a Dutch speaking lady who put our minds at rest. We called on a Saturday evening and on Monday morning a Spanish employee of the oxygen provider explained how everything worked.
I didn't have any problems during those 2 weeks"

Theodorus from the Netherlands

  "I would like to thank you for supplying oxygen consentrater in Lanzarote for me. Could you supply it again in Lanzarote for two weeks in September and how much. And how much for three weeks in Fuerteventura. Thank you wait for your reply"
Mr. Blackwell