Name: Els
7 year anniversary at OxygenWorldwide
Nationality: Dutch
Loves: my job!

How long I have been with OxygenWorldwide? To tell you the truth, I cannot even remember and had to look it up… And do you know why? Because I have such a wonderful job and time flies!
But now I know: I have been with OxygenWorldwide since April 2006. Yes, I am one of the oldies… I am married and I have lived in many different countries. So, yes, I speak several languages. But that goes for everyone in our team. We believe it is important for our patients that they can communicate in their own language and we hear from them that is appreciated.
The job is very diverse, in a way you travel the whole world in a few hours: from Spain to Poland, from Germany to Hawaii and from New York to Dubai. And you get in touch with so many different people.
The most interesting experience was when I met one of our patients in person. He invited me for a cup of coffee when he was on holiday not too far from where I live. He had been using our services for many, many years. It was good to see how much he enjoyed being able to go on holiday, even though he was in need of oxygen. And we make that possible! That gives you a good feeling!
If I could choose where I would like to go one day for holiday: Down under, Australia, here I come!
I am very proud to be celebrating 20 years of OxygenWorldwide this year and hope to be helping more people travel this year.
Contact me at info@oxygenworldwide.com for further details and information on travelling with medical oxygen abroad or visit www.oxygenworldwide.com to enquire or read more about our team and how we have been supporting customers for 20 years.