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Name: Sophie
3 year anniversary at OxygenWorldwide
Nationality: Belgium
Loves: speaking different languages and being able to communicate with customers from around the world

My name is Sophie Proot and I have been part of the Oxygenworldwide team since September 2010.
I was born in Belgium and have been living in Spain since 1998. Eager to discover other countries, I left Belgium first towards England and after France and Greece, I finally ended up in Spain.
In my search for a new job, possibly in another foreign country, I came across a job offer at OxygenWorldwide. Since the day I joined OxygenWorldwide, each day of my life has been a voyage. Today e.g. we started by finishing off a delivery for a patient travelling to India, next you attend to a patients request for Spain, and before you know it you are talking to your colleagues in Chile regarding the next patient travelling to Santiago.
In my previous job, I had come across the services of OxygenWorldwide who at the time was called Care O2. I remember I had experienced it as a quick, swift and friendly service.
Now I have the opportunity to live the experience and on a global level, it makes it oh so much more interesting and exciting. What I get out of the job for myself? To have contact with people all over the world and to communicate in many different languages. Towards the patients, it feels nice to assist them towards achieving the same dream I have myself, which is travelling. When a patient inquires about whether it is possible to travel with O2, it is great being able to simply answer “yes, of course” when really the person enquiring taught this phone call was the beginning of a long and hard search for a solution.
The strangest or most surprising thing I came across during the time I have been working with the company is that, recently a patient enquired by phone. Whilst waiting for my reply, the patient said: “somebody is happy at her job!” I said: Why? The lady replied: “you were singing!” Well, this lady was right!
If I could book to go any part in the world I would choose to travel to Patagonia.
I feel proud and lucky to be part of a company which has quality and service as its top priority and hope to be part of the OxygenWorldwide team for many more years providing a carefree holiday for many people.
I am very proud to be celebrating 20 years of OxygenWorldwide this year and hope to be helping more people travel this year.
Contact me at info@oxygenworldwide.com for further details and information on travelling with medical oxygen abroad or visit www.oxygenworldwide.com to enquire or read more about our team and how we have been supporting customers for 20 years.