A checklist for those traveling with portable oxygen concentrators

checklist for travel

□ Ask your doctor before traveling
Check with your doctor for travel clearance, especially if you’ve been hospitalized recently.
□ Complete the paperwork
You may need a letter from your doctor that verifies all of your medications, including oxygen.
□ Take a copy of your oxygen prescription
You will need to show your prescription to travel personnel, so be sure to carry it with you.
□ Take contact info for your Doctor: ________________________________________________
Phone: _____________________________
Respiratory Therapist: ____________________________________
Phone: _____________________________
Oxygen Supplier: ________________________________________
Phone: _____________________________
Home Healthcare Representative: ___________________________
Phone: _____________________________
□ Take enough medication to last the entire trip
Remember to pack all medication and supplies in your carry-on bag and keep a list of medications with you at all times.
□ Wear emergency medical identification
□ Contact your home healthcare company
Tell them where you are going so they can assist in arranging for oxygen when you reach your destination.
□ Know how to use your portable oxygen concentrator
Try operating on all types of power: AC, DC, battery. Test how long your batteries last at your dosage or liter flow level.
□ Contact your travel carrier
Call your airline, cruise ship or bus company before departure to check for any special requirements.