There is increasing interest in the theory that Oxygen therapy could be used to destroy cancer cells. Dr. Mark Sircus has published a book titled ‘Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy’ that discusses the use of oxygen itself as the ultimate chemotherapy and that doctors can blast cancer cells to smithereens, while patients sit in the comfort of their own homes.

Cancer shares a common vulnerability with viruses, bacteria and fungi all of who hate and cannot function efficiently in high levels of oxygen. When we send in unending waves of oxygen into cancer cells it behaves as if to soften them up before going in for the kill. Research scientists from the Cancer Research UK–MRC Gray Institute for Radiation Oncology & Biology at the University of Oxford have discovered that ‘oxygen makes cancer cells weak and less resistant to treatment’.

Previously scientists have tried to cut off the blood supply and therefore oxygen supply which was thought to be fuelling tumour growth, with the idea to starve, shrink and kill the tumour. However, numerous studies have shown that tumour hypoxia (where the tumour is exposed to low oxygen concentrations) is in fact linked with more aggressive tumour behaviour and a poorer prognosis. It’s as if the tumour responds to low oxygen levels by growing and metastasising in order to seek out a new oxygen source.

When we use high oxygen levels as a treatment it actually improves the blood vessels within the tumours, thereby increasing the concentration of oxygen present. Instead of boosting a tumour’s growth potential, it has the opposite effect and weakens the cancer cells from the inside, making them much more sensitive to radiotherapy or any other type of therapy.

Increasing your oxygen levels could offer amazing metabolism & immune function improvement. Most diseases thrive in low oxygen environments and keeping the body highly oxygenated could reduce the risk of many diseases. Oxygen therapy is also wonderful because more oxygen results in more cellular energy, more healing energy and more energy to help us feel good and perform better in life. And importantly, when enough oxygen rushes into oxygen deficient cells, there is instant energy available for detoxification of cellular poisons that have been building up. Many studies are being carried out into the use of pressurized oxygen therapy and it’s effectiveness both solo and in conjunction with other treatments with various types of cancer. But based on early findings and theories, the potential in the future to be able to not only fight cancer effectively but to be able to do it reasonably cheaply, non-invasively and from the comfort of your own home is astounding.
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