The IPCRG has been consulting experts in primary care, respiratory research, our members and associate members to develop a comprehensive research strategy that we believe is required in primary care respiratory medicine. To be selected, issues have to be of global importance and not just nationally relevant. This provides a framework for the development of our own research programme and should provide guidance to potential researchers and research funders planning to study priority research areas in primary care respiratory medicine.
Our priorities are to conduct research of real practical value to primary care practitioners, policy makers and patients in both developed and developing countries. We expect our research to be conducted by researchers and practitioners with significant experience of primary care and other community settings. We anticipate that our wide international network, and the enthusiasm of our members for such an initiative, will enable studies to be undertaken rapidly, cost effectively and with a high level of applicability.
The scope includes prevention, diagnosis and management across the common respiratory conditions managed in primary care: asthma, allergic rhinitis, COPD, and infectious disease; and the most important cross-cutting intervention: smoking cessation. We have a particular interest in exploring and researching practical approaches to patient-centred care. Click here to see our prioritised research needs statements.
Inevitably, our views may change over time as new evidence is published. Therefore we have chosen to publish this statement on our website so that it can be updated and respond to new information. If you wish to contribute to the agenda please complete the proforma here.
If you wish to discuss a research proposal please contact us via the online proforma here.
To view current information relating to the research of the IPCRG, you can download a copy of a presentation given at our most recent Scientific Meeting in Uppsala in May 2013.