Oxygen Worldwide helps Kiva make a difference
Oxygen Worldwide helps Kiva make a difference

 The main aim of Oxygen Worldwide is to help the world. We pride ourselves on what we do and how we can help people travel comfortably, seeing to their medical oxygen needs. That is why we support other organisations that, like us, want to make a difference. KIVA is another organisation proud of what they do to help people.
 So what do they do?
Well, the non-profit making group basically wants to give people a chance in life and a chance to shine. Led by 450 volunteers; KIVA offer out loans to families, individuals or even budding entrepreneurs so they can get a head-start in the business world, and why are they doing this? Simple, their grand-plan is to alleviate crippling poverty throughout the world by creating opportunities, and with $208 million loaned out across 59 countries since they were founded in 2005, it’s safe to say that KIVA are making a real difference.
Unlike pretty much every loan lending organisation in the world, KIVA is not your archetypal “loan shark,” far from it. They don’t make a penny from the deals. The short of it is that a loan can be made by anyone, and you can be safe in the knowledge that every penny goes to someone who really needs it. Any loans, or other funds raised through grants, corporate sponsors and foundations, are dealt with by microfinance institutions across five continents – there are 131 of these known as Field Partners. They are the crucial cog as they can pass on a loan to people who don’t have access to a traditional banking system. Once administered by the field partner, the money is released and ready to make a real difference. Not one penny has been lost. KIVA is funded primarily through the support of lenders making optional donations so the deprived amongst us in the world do not miss out.
Oxygen Worldwide are proud supporters of KIVA as they have touched the lives of so many people. We are in the same industry of “making a difference to others”, so for us; the link-up makes perfect sense.
For more information on the ways and means of KIVA please visit www.kiva.org.