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travel with oxygen

Oxygen is a drug and must be prescribed by your physician. If you have ever experienced difficulty breathing, or if you have lung or heart problems, you have probably wondered about using oxygen at home. While oxygen therapy relieves many of the adverse symptoms associated with low oxygen levels, much of the damage caused by heart disease or lung diseases like emphysema are irreversible. Presently, there are an estimated 4 million people with heart and lung problems that benefit or could benefit from home oxygen therapy, while an estimated 50 million Americans are affected by heart and lung diseases.
Once you begin your home oxygen therapy you can look forward to sleeping better, remember things better, being less irritable, feel more energetic, and suffer fewer depressions. Your ability to endure more exercise will increase and you typically spend less time hospitalized. You will be able to lead a happier and more productive life.
Oxygen is most commonly delivered to you via tubing called a nasal cannula. This cannula is placed under your nose and over your ears.
DO NOT SMOKE WHILE USING OXYGEN! While oxygen is not flammable, it does accelerate combustion. It is possible to ignite a flame and burn your cannula and your face by smoking and using oxygen. Do not allow smokers within 10 feet of you if you are using oxygen.
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