Irene (2)

Name: Irene
1 year anniversary at OxygenWorldwide
Nationality: Dutch
Loves: to take away customer worries and make them feel free to travel anywhere anytime in the world

Hi, my name is Irene and I joined the OxygenWorldwide team in October 2011.
I come from the Netherlands and moved to Spain in 2002, to take care of my mother who suffered from dementia. In May 2011 she passed away at the blessed age of 93 years. I now care for three dogs, of which two were stray. In my spare time I enjoy taking my dogs on hikes through the stunning mountains or along the beach. I have a keen interest in nature and take part in several environmental groups.
What I find the most interesting and satisfying whilst working at OxygenWorldwide is that from one place I can help people from all over the world with their need for oxygen, to take away their worries and make them feel free to travel anywhere and at anytime. It feels like being a spider in a web, able to reach all corners of the world.
On a Sunday afternoon once I received a phone call from a patient who was on holiday in Gran Canaria with a portable oxygen concentrator that had broken down. He had already contacted his insurance company back home, but they couldn´t help him any further. It took some urgent calling and emailing, but I managed to find a replacement first thing Monday morning, this shows how quickly we can help our customers in a time of need.
There was another occasion recently from a customer who´s portable concentrator broke down just the evening before his flight back home. He did manage to get something for during the flight, but he was so afraid he wouldn´t make it through the night! That same evening we managed to deliver a concentrator to where he was staying, so he could have a good night´s sleep and be fit for his journey home.
The strangest request I think was from a patient who wanted to rent a portable oxygen concentrator in Singapore, to be shipped to Japan, so he could take it on his holiday to Singapore and back to Japan again, to then ship it back to Singapore!
If I ever get the chance to travel, I would like to see a lot of places, so I think I would opt for a world cruise… in fact, I might book a permanent place, instead of going into an old people´s home when i retire!
I am very proud to be celebrating 20 years of OxygenWorldwide this year and hope to be helping more people travel this year.
Contact me at for further details and information on travelling with medical oxygen abroad or visit to enquire or read more about our team and how we have been supporting customers for 20 years.