Coping with COPD is hard but when you start to get stressed, worried or upset or even whilst you are exercising, this may cause even more trouble breathing especially if you work yourself into being upset and tense your whole body. This in turn will cause shortened breaths and difficulty breathing normally.

In order to try and help there are a couple of techniques that could be advised to try. These techniques help focus on your breathing and slow down the panic and tensing up which stops your body from being able to breathe properly.

  1. One is a belly breathing exercise which you should get more advise from your doctor about the correct technique but ultimately using your diaphragm more with it rising as you breathe in through your nose and lower as you breathe slowly out your mouth.
  2. The second is breathing through your nose and out through partially closed lips. This is a great exercise to use during exercise when you may feel short of breath. Breathe out slowly don’t rush as this aids to help you able to exercise for longer intervals.

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