Tip 1. Planning is key.
Do not purchase your flight ticket without first knowing the oxygen policy of your preferred airline. It is wise to know that some airline companies DO provide oxygen during some flights, but not all. Know that the airline company  will only provide oxygen on the plane, NOT at the airport. Do not be discouraged about having to set up arrangements for your travel oxygen needs. Traveling with oxygen can definitely be accomplished, with the proper planning and expert knowledge that our team can provide here at Oxygen Worldwide – the experts in travelling with medical oxygen.
2. Always travel with a copy of your prescription for oxygen as well as any other medication.
If you are in need of additional equipment, you will be ready. Be sure to have multiple copies, just in case.
3. Have a 24hr back up service for emergencies.
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4. Be educated on the oxygen equipment that is available to you. If you have never used Liquid Oxygen before, learning how to fill a portable unit from a reservoir in your cabin on the first day of a cruise is not the time to do so. If you are traveling internationally, know exactly what’s available to you and where to get it. In Italy, for instance, Liquid Oxygen is the most common equipment. Talk to your local oxygen provider team member about education on Liquid Oxygen prior to traveling to Italy. Having enough batteries for your trip is vital.
5. Always consult your physician prior to traveling with oxygen. Flying and traveling to higher altitudes can affect the way you use therapeutic oxygen.