The decision to travel abroad when you or your child has respiratory or pulmonary conditions will naturally make you think twice; knowing that dependency on oxygen will present challenges. But, with some planning, it is certainly possible to start your journey stress-free. For those with diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema or chronic bronchitis, supplemental medical oxygen is a necessity. If you have ever tried to travel with supplemental oxygen, you know how difficult this can be. Being prepared, and knowing how to travel safely with oxygen and where to obtain oxygen at your final destination is vital.
Firstly, pay a visit to your doctor to discuss your travel plans. It’s crucial at the time of making reservations, that you are considered fit to travel. When having to travel with oxygen, its policy with most air and cruise lines that passengers secure suitable travel insurance. Without doctor’s consent or if you are awaiting surgery, impatient treatment or under medical investigation, it’s unlikely that cover will be issued and travel permitted. To start your journey of excitement when you decide to travel even if you have not secured your destination it is best to reserach the country and if you plan to be away from home longer than your portable oxygen unit will allow an oxygen company  such as Oxygen Worldwide can arrange for oxygen to be delivered to your destination, and can even help you with finding a place to refill your oxygen while you are on the road.

Travel by airplane also takes a good amount of research and preparation. No airline will allow you to bring aboard your own oxygen cylinder, but many airlines have medical oxygen cylinders available for a fee for use on their planes, such as Alaska Airlines, British Airways, Continental, Delta and Japan Airlines. The oxygen containers used on airplanes vary from airline to airline. You must make arrangements to provide your own oxygen to and from the airplane. It is helpful to have someone take you to the airport and allow them to take your tank home.
Now your journey can begin with the excitement of your destination and your medical oxygen is in safe hands with the experts so you can relax and feel ready to enjoy you time away from home.
It is important to make advance arrangements for the delivery of oxygen to the airport of your destination. Almost all airlines require a 48-hour advance notice for domestic flights, and airlines can require up to 72 hours advance notice for international travel.

All aboard and relax and enjoy your travels. With specialist knowledge, muliti bilingual staff and 24 hour care Oxygen Worldwide can help your next holiday be stress-free. Contact us today with your questions, queries or just an no obligation quote for your trip on
Happy traveling…