A fantastic collaboration between an artist and composer Joris Geurts from Amsterdam and Dutch founded company Oxygen Worldwide promoting the sounds and effects of breathing.
Oxygen Worldwide have sponsored the upcoming release of this inspirational piece of music named ‘Symphony of Sighs’.  The totally different sounds and colours, produced just by air through the human body, gives an unexpected and rich result with a big meaning.
Oxygen Worldwide helps to provide a vital necessity; medical oxygen to patients and people every day across the globe.  The construction of this piece of music is very classical, with a slow and easy introduction, developing to a more complicated, varied and rhythmical as described from the composer Joris Geurts.
The launch of the new CD ‘symphony of sighs’ is currently at the Galerie Nouvelles Images Den Haag, Amsterdam until May 23 2012.
Joris Geurts *1958  artist and composer, lives and works in Amsterdam to see more of his work watch www.jorisgeurts.com.
Watch the trailer here http://symfoniederzuchten.nl for symphony of sighs.
Visit www.oxygenworldwide.com for more information on medical oxygen worldwide.
Notes to Editors:
Symphony of Sighs was composed by Joris Geurts 2012. Total time: 8:42 Voices: Peter Zegveld, Joris Geurts. Joris Geurts 1958 artist and composer lives and works in Amsterdam, Peter Zegveld 1951 artist and performer lives and works in Amsterdam composed and produced in Studio Le Roy Amsterdam Holland.
Oxygen Worldwide is a company under Dutch management established in 1993, based in Spain and operates internationally. Our objective is to make travel for those who need oxygen as carefree as possible. All Oxygen Worldwide employees are multilingual. Oxygen Worldwide arranges oxygen delivery worldwide for oxygen users on holiday or staying abroad for a longer period of time, also in case of a tour through several countries. For further information, a copy of the trailer please contact our UK representative care@oxygenworldwide.com or founder rutger@oxygenworldwide.com