With lock-down easing it is hard to not want to get out and travel. The summer is just beginning and the climates are now warmer. For those looking and thinking about travel outside their country here are the 5 European countries which may be more likely to allow travel from abroad this summer:

  1. Italy – Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced its borders to countries within the European Union from June 3 and will keep a close eye on its rate and if it increases again. 
  2. Greece – This country has had a very low coronavirus rate due to immediate lock-down so international flights will resume from July 1. 
  3. Iceland – From June 15th restrictions will be eased and tests may be required instead of the 14 day quarantine rule.
  4. Portugal – Again another country that wants to let tourists in and the 14 day quaratine restriction will not apply here.
  5. Sweden – This country has not even been in a full lock-down mode compared to other countries and will accept European Union visitors plus UK, Norway and Switzerland

Please do take a look at our Oxygen A-Z Guide here plus all your travel needs if you are planning a trip in Europe with medical oxygen.

Please do check official websites before making travel plans as we know this situation changes daily and therefore governments may bring in different rules as above.