The Inogen One G2 is a portable oxygen concentrator that provides up to 5 litres per minute on-demand oxygen. This is possible because of its up to 8 hours of battery life (with double battery installed & on setting 1).
It restores your freedom. You are able to use it in a car and on most airlines. So take it away for a weekend trip or long journey you’d never thought you would be able to make. You only go home when you want, not because you’re running out of oxygen.
It’s sound level is as a normal conversation (based on setting 2) and is lower than 37 dbA. It sits discreetly at your feet, next to your bed or behind a chair. It is also light enough (3.2 Kg.) to carry over your shoulder. Day or night, all your oxygen needs can be met with this Portable Oxygen Concentrator. Furthermore is it very easy to operate with just a couple of buttons.
This is definitely a device which will make your life easier.
More Details

Price shown for Inogen One G2-Single Battery
Inogen One G2-Double Battery- € 4,100
12 Cell Battery – € 550
24 Cell Battery – € 880
Ltr. per minute
Battery life
Ventilator use
Recharge time
< 6 Ltr. p/m – PULSE
3.2 kg
8 hrs. battery life with battery on setting 1
approx. 3-6 hrs., depending on battery size