For nearly 22 years we have been arranging medical oxygen on the Spanish Canary Islands Not only Gran Canaria and Tenerife but also the smaller islands like La Palma de Gran Canaria, Hierro, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and Gomera.
OxygenWorldwide provides Gran Canaria & Tenerife with LOX Liquid oxygen (LOX), concentrators (CON), portable concentrators (POC) and large cylinders (GOX /BOT).
For all other islands we can arrange concentrators (CON) and/or portable concentrators (POC) in combination with a stationary concentrator (CON) for use indoors and/or during the night.
OxygenWorldwide provides our own ‘Airport Service’ (A.S) in the 100 countries where we are active. We provide an Airport Service at all Canary Islands but in principal only during weekdays (Monday – Friday). But if you requires this service during the weekend please contact our 24/7 helpdesk (in 5 languages) to check whether we can still accomodate you and make this possible.
An Airport Servcie  means that we have, on your arrival, someone at the door of the aircraft to hand you over a portable oxygen device so you can make your way to your hotel etc. with oxygen. On your departure we will again have someone at the door of the aircraft who will collect the equipment again from you. In case,  due to custom regulations, we can not meet  you at the door of the aircraft we will have someone to meet you in another place within the airport.
Mainly due to the perfect climate, especially in the winter time, many people spend their winters at one of the Canary Islands. As we at OxygenWorldwide have been in the medical oxygen business for over 22 years we know more than anyone else that being mobile is the most important thing when it comes to holiday making. Therefore we constantly strive to try to improve the provision of mobile oxygen equipment. For years only liquid oxygen was in demand and needed to be made to be mobile by means of a stroller, which was filled on a base unit. However currently many oxygen users prefer the portable concentrator.
In cases where you may want to bring your own portable oxygen concentrator but a back-up is required in case the POC might break down or is not suitable to use 24 hors per day, OxygenWorldwide can arrange a back-up cylinder for inhouse use and/or during the night.
For more info please contact OxygenWorldwide on or call us on +34 96 688 28 73
We hope you have a great stay on the Canary Islands.