woman on telephone in office

Exceptional service is a commitment at OxygenWorldwide for travellers needs when planning a holiday or trip abroad with a respiratory condition. Our 30 years of service has had a significant quality to our customers to streamline our operations. Dedicated phone support in 5 languages, a person on the other end of the phone; not a chat bot, automated robot in sight.

With a specific service that is unique to each customers’ requirements the right questions needs to be asked and no generic answer is for all our customers. The team are on hand to focus on assisting via direct phone consultations or via written emails. We value our customers needs and there is no room for miscommunication or mistakes. This is why our customers are directed to our contact us form so we can make sure all requirements are not mistaken in any language. By answering calls in five languages, we aim to provide a seamless and reassuring experience, no matter where you are calling from or what language you speak.

At OxygenWorldwide, we provide a personal service for each customer without automation from start to finish. We thank you for your trust and look forward to planning your next trip together.